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20 Nov 2021 - 03 Dec 2021

Creative Writing Competition: ‘2021 in Words’

Good day Curtinians!

The year is coming to an end and we’re sure everyone had a tough long ride. Pen out your thoughts and views of the year and submit to us for an opportunity to win some money!

The Creative Writing Competition – ‘2021 in Words’ is a safe and creative space for students to articulate their journey throughout the year in the literary sense. We want to motivate everyone to communicate their experiences and be encouraged on how far they have come.

All you need to do are:

  1. a) Write about a challenge you have faced.
  2. b) Discuss on how you manage the issue. You do not necessarily need to provide a clear-cut solution. Instead, elaborate on how you dealt with the problem.
  3. c) Explain what you hope to see or achieve in the year 2022.
  4. d) Limit the essay to only 800 words. (No minimum limit)

Send your work in PDF form to our email (curtinoratorydebating@gmail.comby 11:59pm December 3 2021. Essays will be marked based on content, language and creativity.

The prizes are :

1st Place RM100
2nd Place RM80
3rd Place RM60

Winners will be announced in mid-December 2021 and all participants will receive e-certificates.

Get creative and tell us how your year went!

For further information/clarifications, reach out to us through email (700026907@student.curtin.edu.my).


Sherillance Edwin
Curtin Oratory & Debating Society