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20 - 28 Nov 2021

Reconnect – Social Media Detox Seminar

Greetings from Beyond The Bounds in Curtin,

In collaboration with the Student Council of Curtin University, Beyond the Bounds will be conducting a Social Media Detox seminar on 28 November 2021.

There are many advantages of using technology, but we as a society need to learn how to moderate technology so that it does not take over our lives. Overusing technology makes it more difficult to focus on the experiences that truly bring value. Therefore, having a social media detox can improve our mental health and reprioritise important things.

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Krishna Veeni Mahendran
Vice Secretary
Email: 700041825@student.curtin.edu.my
Contact: +601126280375
Serene Teo
Vice President
Email:  700037679@student.curtin.edu.my
Contact: +601110961026