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Curtin Malaysia Student Council


Curtin Malaysia Student Council


The Auditorium
Curtin Malaysia Campus


21 Sep 2019


5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Mr & Ms Curtin Competition 2019

A collaboration between Curtin Marketing Department and the Curtin Student Council brings you an upgraded port-folio of the Mr & Ms Curtin competition, introducing “Spirit Movement” in order to garner maximum engagement and involvement from the students of Curtin University.

In conjunction to the 20th anniversary of the university, we strive to inspire positive spirit and student experience amongst the Curtin community through mass involvement through Spirit Movement’s #CurtinGetInvolve Campaign. The revamped Mr & Ms Curtin competition will assist in stimulating support directly from the students, for the students. Winners will receive a 1 year internship training program within the Marketing Department in efforts to advocate the Spirit Movement for the students during their reign and to implement new ways to assist students experience a more vibrant internationally educational university life here in both Curtin Malaysia and Miri. Mr and Ms Curtin will feature as the ‘Face of Curtin” working as ambassadors for the university and closely working with Student Council to be the voices of students in implementing ways for a better student experience.

The 20th edition Mr & Ms Curtin competition incorporates collaborative partnerships from Pageant industry professional, Mr Tourism World 2017 Joshua Lennet and his agency who will be directly involved in coordinating the scopes of the competition. Curtin Malaysia represents a pivotal presence within Miri’s tourism, thus placing emphasis on the relevance of Joshua Lennet’s contributions and involvement within the competition.

The launch of Spirit Movement’s #CurtinGetInvolve campaign was officially initiated on the 21st of August 2019 on Curtin Malaysia’s official Facebook page, urging the Curtin community to get actively involved in sharing student and staff experiences in order to promote a more engaging media movement.