Curtin Insight Articles

Articles contributed by Curtin Malaysia staff for publication in print media.


Title Author
Hepatopancreas: An organ that plays an important role in shrimp physiology Julia Moh
Mitigating climate change through environmental conservation Tay Ai Chen
Dispelling the myth of environmental engineers being ‘rubbish management specialists’ Tan Yee Yong
Insect meals: Sustainable feed in aquaculture Lee Yih Nin
Phycoremediation: Harnessing microalgae for sustainable wastewater treatment Paran anak Gani
The feasibility of geothermal energy extraction in Sarawak Mahmood Bathaee
Miri’s overlooked industrial heritage Terry Justin Dit
The cradle of Sarawak’s oil industry and the Canadian ‘foreign drillers’ Terry Justin Dit

Green gold in waterways: Advancements in utilisation of aquatic weeds for biofuels and more

Bridgid Chin Lai Fui



Title Author
Driving employees’ well-being through high quality work design, promoting joy at work, and embracing positive habits Dr. Lew Tek Yew
Is it beneficial for the economy to have higher household savings, or is it just a fallacy of composition? Dr. Tanusree Chakravarty Mukherjee and Sim Hao En
The transformative role of structural adhesives in diverse industries Associate Professor Wong King Jye
Shaping the future: How a DMO could ensure sustainable tourism in Miri (Part 3) Prof. Andreas H. Zins
Funding the future: How a DMO could transform Miri’s tourism industry (Part 2) Prof. Andreas H. Zins
The dawn of a new era: Introducing destination management organisations in Miri (Part 1) Prof. Andreas H. Zins
Current and future trends of wearable sensors in gait analysis Dr Han Yi Chiew
Fostering greater interest in STEM in local communities Associate Professor Bridgid Chin Lai Fui, Associate Professor Fidella Tiew and Associate Professor Ir. Lim Chye Ing
Projects by Curtin final-year geology students promote sustainability, address UN Sustainable Development Goals Professor M.V. Prasanna
Embracing life’s ups and downs: A journey of growth and resilience Khin Than Myint and Quistina Omar
Miri’s path to rediscovery: Overcoming identity crises through inclusive branding Prof. Andreas H. Zins
Revolutionising sustainable hydrogen fuel as a green fuel for the aviation sector Associate Professor Bridgid Chin Lai Fui
Modern urban wastewater management to ensure a sustainable future for Miri City Dr. Henry Foo Chee Yew and Ir. Ts. Dr. Tan Inn Shi
Interpreting sport science data using 3D imaging and AI Professor Garenth Lim King Hann
Researching a sustainable solution for aquaculture industry Associate Professor John Lau Sie Yon
Exploring the Dark Web: An unseen world of hidden markets and networks Dr. Sivaraman Eswaran
Innovative thermal energy storage technology for enhanced energy storage Dr. Jundika Candra Kurnia 
Biodiesel: A sustainable renewable energy source Dr. Tan Yie Hua and Yat Yu Dong
Making concrete a sustainable building material Dr. Lee Yeong Huei



Title Author
Good supervisor-student relationship key to successful PhD projects By Dr. Tanusree Chakravarty Mukherjee, Dr. Lew Tek Yew and Dr. Adamu Abbas Adamu
Impostor Syndrome: “What if they find out I’m a fraud?” By Dr. Anita Jimmie and Christine Lau
Surviving the pandemic with Emotional Intelligence (EI) By Angelina Laing

Motivation for young people to explore opportunities in the stock market

By Dr. Oladokun Nafiu Olaniyi

Embracing post-traumatic growth during the endemic phase

by Dr. Andi Tri Supratno Musrah and Angelina Laing

Advances in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) technology

By Assoc. Prof. Hisham Khaled Ben Mahmud



Title Author
Is email etiquette important among Generation Z? By Dr. Jong Ling
Metaverse and Education: A Leap in Technology or a Dystopian Future? By Dr. Anita Jimmie and Dr. Noraisikin Sabani
Nanobiotechnology Advances: Fusion of Enzymes and Nanotechnology By Associate Professor John Lau Sie Yon and Shamini Anboo
Social media and the fake news menace: Academics as a panacea to restore media credibility By Dr. Adamu Abbas Adamu
Progressing towards sustainability in renewable hydrogen production in Sarawak By Dr. Bridgid Chin Lai Fui
Collaborative fashion consumption: You don’t have to own high fashion to own it By Dr. Fayrene Chieng Yew Leh
FinTech: Reshaping the future of the financial industry By Dr. Ramez A. Badeeb
“Thanks Chatbox, but please don’t ask me to show my face online!” By Dr. Khan Taufique
Will lowering interest rates necessarily stimulate economic growth? By Tanusree Chakravarty Mukherjee
Can biochar be a sustainable solution for wastes in the agriculture sectors? By Dr. Tan Yie Hua
Strong support programmes at Curtin Malaysia enrich the student learning experience By. Professor Beena Giridharan
Business Model and Industry 4.0 By Dr. Dhanuskodi Rengasamy
Are voice assistants going to disrupt hiring? By Dr. Malini Sathappan
Online learning as the way forward By Delon Chai
Strategic thinking in teaching and learning in higher education By Dr. Samuel Adeyinka-Ojo
Perceived Organisational Support: Why caring for employees is important for remote workers By Dr. Lew Tek Yew
Consumption, waste generation and recycling practices in Miri amid COVID-19 and the future By Smart World Sustainability (SWS) Curtin Malaysia



Title Author

Building Students’ Self-efficacy in Online Learning

By Dr. Anita Jimmie, Dr. Noraisikin Sabani and Esther Tong
Expectations, uncertainty and impact of COVID-19 on economic growth By Dr. Abey P. Philip
How Corporate Social Responsibility contributes to sustainable development By Associate Professor Dr. Lew Tek-Yew and Wee Yee Shyen
Online Delivery in Higher Education: Our experience and challenges to-date By Associate Professor Tang Fu Ee
COVID-19 from the perspective of Health, Safety and Environment By Dr. Daniel Tang Kuok Ho
Transferable skills for life and work – What you learn in a public relations degree By Dr. Karen Conrad
How the unseen power of public relations helps organisations to succeed By Dr. Karen Conrad
Food fests: Currency for cross-cultural creativity? By Dr. Samuel Ogbeibu
Along with environmental concerns come health and safety By Dr. Daniel Tang Kuok Ho



Title Author

Innovative learning technologies and learning spaces the hallmarks of ‘Learning for Tomorrow’

By Professor Beena Giridharan

Letter to Students

Dr. Shen Goh

You mean you’ve never heard of environmental engineering?

Dr. Daniel Tang Kuok Ho

A smile can bridge any difference

Dr. Shen Goh

Surviving Borneo: Brawn & Brain

Dr. Shen Goh

TAXI vs GRAB: Who Is The Real Enemy?

Dr. Shen Goh

Is GDP really a good indicator of the social well-being of a country and its people?

Delon Chai Wei How

Holding Up Half The Sky

Dr. Shen Goh

Branding the Seaside City of Miri

Dr. Shen Goh

Is there any truth in the link between horoscopes and personality traits?

Dr. Daniel Tang Kuok Ho

A Postcard from Curtin Malaysia – Celebrating 20 years of excellence and innovation

Professor Beena Giridharan

The Need for and Benefits of a Global Education

Dr. Shen Goh

My PhD Journey: Reflections and Lessons Learnt

Tan Kim Lim


Title Author

Women in Leadership: What Makes an Effective Leader?

Professor Beena Giridharan

Applying Human Governance in teaching

Dr Abey P. Philip


Title Author

The flipped classroom: To flip or not to flip?

Lai Zhenyue

Commemorating inaugural MSMEs Day on 27 June

Associate Professor Dr Pauline Ho

High value products and energy production through metabolic engineering

Dr Yalun Arifin

Magnetic-based materials a new innovation in waste water treatment

Associate Professor Dr Mubarak Mujawar

The use of online media in Malaysian national elections

Dr Hah Foong Lian


Title Author

Challenges and feasibility of the scaled-up production of nanomedicines

Hii Yiik Siang and Dr Stephanie Chan

‘Light of Borneo’ project brings relief to villagers

Hoi Chee Hoi

Nanomedicine – A cure for Type 2 diabetes?

Jaison Jeevanandam and Dr Stephanie Chan

When a consumer becomes a net producer of electricity

Aminu A. Maruf

Flexpatriate rotational assignees in the energy industry

Reimara Valk

Turbulence phenomenon and its potential as a renewable energy source

Sharul Sham bin Dol

Modelling and process control research

Noraini Mohd

Curtin Sarawak’s Programming Nation Club and the teaching of programming

Foad Motalebi

High involvement work processes

Professor Jonathan Winterton

The Malaysian economy

Dr. Abey P. Philip

Understanding and managing flood hazards in Malaysia

Dr. Afroz Ahmad Shah

Reflective practice and traditional lecture styles

Dr. Haidar Fadhil Abbas Al-Qrimli



Title Author

Cutting-edge research at Curtin Sarawak

Professor Michael K. Danquah

Corporate governance and theoretical development

Dr Anbalagan Krishnan and Chan Kwok Mow

Publication scams

Dr. Afroz Ahmad Shah

Powering offshore platforms with renewable energy

Associate Professor Sharul Sham bin Dol

Curtin Sarawak exploring wind energy as potential energy source for Malaysia

Associate Professor Dr. Chinnasamy Palanichamy



Title Author

Is there love in learning?

Associate Professor Beena Giridharan

Why undertake higher degree by research?

Dr. Anbalagan Krishnan and Dr. Dhanuskodi Rengasamy

Reflections: Making a difference in students’ learning

Lai Zhenyue

Good government and the policy sciences

Lance McMahon

Landslides do not kill, unsafe slopes do

Donovan Mujah

The prosperous Malaysian palm oil industry

Dr. Kenneth Ray Szulczyk

Impact of business environment on management accounting practice

Dr. Anbalagan Krishnan

Vehicle aerodynamics: Drag reduction through surface dimples

Dr. Sharul Sham Dol

Practical C++ programming projects

Foad Motalebi

Financial Crises

Sylvia Chia Lee Ping

Mariculture farm on offshore oil and gas platforms

Dr. Sharul Sham Dol

Green banking practices

Dr. Dhanuskodi Rengasamy


Title Author

Revisiting Vision 2020: Has the vision gone myopic?

Donovan Mujah

Country risk analysis

Zhing Siang Boon

The Ringgit is depreciating but should we lose trust in it?

Dr. Abey P. Philip

Developing business research studies at Curtin Sarawak

Yeo Tze Sheng

Education – A signal in the job market

Tanusree Chakravarty Mukherjee

This Global Handwashing Day, say NO to antiseptic soaps!

Dr. Merlin Franco

The multi-directional wheel robot

Jasher Tan

Teaching strategies and students’ learning approaches

Dr. Lew Tek Yew

Are we environmentally friendly??

Han Yi Chiew

Massive open online courses

Professor Francois Therin

What will you accomplish in five years at university?

Esther Ling

The influence of HSE management in Malaysia’s oil and gas industry

Kulvinder Kaur and Dr. Anbalagan Krishnan

Web spam and its counter measures

Alex Goh Kwang Leng and Associate Professor Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Singh

Planning a green city

Dr. Merlin Franco

The effect of truancy on future generations

Dr. Anbalagan Krishnan and Selvaraj Grapragasem

Play games to save the world

Terence Tan

Hornbills in Miri

Dr. Dominique Dodge-Wan

PISA, TIMSS and higher education: The missing link

Professor Dr. Francois Therin

A Lesson in Urban Ecology: The benefits of trees in urbanised areas

Dr. Lisa Marie King

Frameworks for the teaching and learning of second language students

David Lee

Smart Technology: Are we smarter than the environment?

Associate Professor Dr. Michael K. Danquah and Rozaidah Saat

Industrial biotechnology research at Curtin Sarawak

Associate Professor Dr. Michael K. Danquah

Job satisfaction and organisational commitment: Implications for the banking industry

Dr. Lew Tek Yew

The role of multi-agent systems in our lives

Billy Lau Pik Lik and Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Singh

The student as an individual ‘being’

Dr. Beena Giridharan


Title Author
GST in perspective David Lee
Entrepreneurship and Leadership Styles Dr. Lew Tek Yew
Sustainable development: A case study of Miri City using the Low Carbon Cities Framework (LCCF) Dr. Pauline Ho, Dr. Lew Tek Yew, Dr. Goi Chai Lee, Dr. Minyu Wu, Dr. Tang Fu Ee, Dr. Tan Chong Keng, Foad Motalebi & Carrie Ho
The need to evaluate bank performance Dr. Dhanuskodi Rengasamy
The Herzberg Theory Dr. Lew Tek Yew and Mona Abdul Manap
World Heritage: The ‘Best of the Best’ on planet Earth Dr. Lisa Marie King
Nuclear energy: A viable energy option for Malaysia? Mitrabinda Singh
The big money circus Charmele Ayadurai
Malaysia as an international hub for higher education: Too much or not enough? Professor Dr. Francois Therin
The Service Quality (SERVQUAL) technique Dr. Dhanuskodi Rengasamy
Keeping EVA and MVA in the equation when measuring investment performance Dr Anbalagan Krishnan
Our planet is at risk and the past could hold the key to the future Dr. Dominique Dodge-Wan
A.I.: No longer alone Terence Tan
Power and Managers’ Roles Dr Lew Tek Yew and Tiong Siew Ping
‘Humanitarian competition’ a great motivator for students Dr. Ujjal Ghosh
English: Whose language and Why? Dr Beena Giridharan
Service quality and the higher education industry Dr. Lew Tek Yew
Is your university employer friendly? Charmele Ayadurai
Why study economics? Tanusree Charkravarty Mukherjee
Evaluative criteria for selection of private universities and colleges in Malaysia Anbalagan Krishnan, Keling Stevenson Boniface Ancheh and Oktavia Nurtjahja
Human Resources Management for the future: The importance of universities being caring employers Dr. Lew Tek Yew
Defect or cooperate? What would your winning strategy be? Terence Tan
If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu Charmele Ayadurai
Why we all need to be financially astute Alpha Ngadan
Europe needn’t fear higher education investors Dr Francois Therin



Title Author
The Idea of the University: Philosophical or Economic? Dr Beena Giridharan
Network your brain: The Net beyond Facebook Rozaidah Saat
Karstification of the Subis limestone in Niah hills Dr Dominique Dodge-Wan
Reflections: Curtin Sarawak’s achievements in Electrical Power Engineering over the last three years Dr. Nader Nassif Barsoum
What does the future of computers technology hold in store? Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Singh and Akilan Thangrajah
Is Optimus Prime A.I.? Terence Tan
Is the world to witness another looming crisis? Charmele Ayadurai
Teaching philosophy and the student’s learning approach Dr Lew Tek Yew
Sewerage system monitoring based on Wireless Sensor Network Lue Ik Hong and Dr Wong Kiing Ing
Organisational misbehaviour: Should management intervene? Dr Lew Tek Yew and Glynis Gregory
Extent of Corporate Voluntary Disclosure: The nexus of research and teaching Dr. Pauline Ho
The influence of human resource management practices on employees’ attitudes and behaviour Dr. Lew Tek Yew
Curtin Sarawak geology students are now working underground! Dr Dominique Dodge-Wan
Integrity essential to maintaining high standards in education Cecilia Anthony Das
Management intervention in workplace romances Dr. Lew Tek Yew and Pranay Rai
Lead, manage and motivate others as a business development manager Charmele Ayadurai
Are your skills, knowledge and experience still relevant? A skills gap analysis can get you back on track. Cecilia Anthony Das
Rock paper scissors. Skills beat paper. Terence Tan
Helping students improve their English and academic standards Beena Giridharan
The wealth of online education Charmele Ayadurai
Documenting the exploits of our unsung heroes, the Sarawakian guerrillas of the ‘Z’ Special Unit, for perpetuity Terry Justin Dit
The future of democratic elections lie in Fault Tolerance Automatic Voting Machines (FTAVM) Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Singh, Akilan Thangarajah, King Seh Hong and Sing Ping


Title Author
From chili sauce to body armour Dr. Aaron Goh
Search engines the key to the World Wide Web Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Singh and Alex Goh Kwang Leng
Business Law classes go high-tech Cecilia Anthony Das & Alice Urud
A novel green technology in the making Associate Professor Chua Han Bing
Good project management makes a difference Cecilia Anthony Das
Making it big in the world of finance Charmele Ayadurai
Cracking the salt challenge Dr. Aaron Goh
Connecting Ironman and engineering Terence Tan
Consider tourism, event management Nazaruddin Haji Hamit
Evolving and transforming the way we live Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Singh & Alexander Lau
The world’s an oyster for accountants Cecilia Anthony Das
Staying competitive in the accounting world Dr. Pauline Ho
Helping people deal with their money Dr. Abey P. Philip