Curtin Malaysia enhances teaching skills through ‘Collaborative Learning Pedagogies’ Workshop

Miri, Sarawak – 18 June 2024 – Curtin University Malaysia (Curtin Malaysia) recently organised a ‘Collaborative Learning Pedagogies’ workshop at the Riam Hill International Secondary School and Riam Road Secondary School here.

Over 60 teachers attended the workshop to empower teaching communities by emphasising the importance of collaborative learning pedagogies in achieving learning outcomes within the current technology-driven framework, and facilitating the integration of equality, positive interdependence, and individual accountability.

The Learning and Teaching Committee of Curtin Malaysia’s Faculty of Business conducted the workshop as part of a continuous development programme dedicated to teachers. From February to May this year, the committee organised a series of teaching pedagogy workshops for the academic staff of the two schools.

The concluding workshop in the series was led by Dr. Tanusree Chakravarty Mukherjee and Madam Khin Than Myint, both lecturers from the Faculty of Business’ Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics.

Preceding workshops were facilitated by a diverse team of academic staff from various departments within the Faculty of Business. This dedicated team included senior lecturers Dr. Fayrene Chieng Yew Leh, Dr. Tiong Ying, and Dr. Joseph Sia Kee Ming from the Department of Management, Marketing and Digital Business. The team also comprised lecturers Dr. Ling Yew Hua and Dr. Ivy Hii Siaw Hung from the Department of Accounting, Finance and Economics.

The series of workshops began with an engaging session titled ‘Introduction to the Student-Centred Classroom’. This workshop delved into the essential components of a 21st-Century student-centred classroom, emphasising rubrics to evaluate the learning outcomes of competence-based pedagogies.

The subsequent workshop, ‘Project-based Learning’ (PBL), explored the benefits of integrating skills into education. It highlighted the teacher’s role as a facilitator, detailed the structure and steps involved in conducting PBL, and generated ideas for implementing PBL in different school settings.

The third workshop, ‘Technology-enhanced Learning’, introduced interactive online tools to enhance learning, including innovative methods such as using emojis to engage students actively.

These specialised professional development sessions tailored for Riam Hill International Secondary School and Riam Road Secondary School teachers facilitated the exchange of new insights and collaborative opportunities. These interactions enriched both institutions’ academic landscape and fostered a deeper and more robust educational environment.

Riam Hill International School and Riam Road Secondary School are premier educational institutions in Miri, dedicated to fostering academic excellence and holistic development in their students through innovative teaching methods and a supportive learning environment.

Curtin Malaysia is a leading institution of higher education in Malaysia, known for its commitment to academic excellence and innovative teaching practices. As the earliest and largest global campus of Curtin University and its hub in ASEAN, it provides students with a world-class education and opportunities for professional growth and development.

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Learning and Teaching Committee of the Faculty of Business and teachers from the two schools in a group photo during the ‘Collaborative Learning Pedagogies’ workshop