Curtin Malaysia students explore Borneo rainforest for travel writing and photography

Miri, Sarawak – 28 May 2024 – Diploma and foundation students from the School of Pre-U and Continuing Education (SPACE) at Curtin University Malaysia (Curtin Malaysia) recently went on a field trip to Lambir Hills National Park. The excursion, part of the Travel Writing and Photography unit the students are currently undertaking, aimed to provide them with a unique opportunity to hone their skills in the heart of the Borneo rainforest.

Under the guidance of their lecturers Peter Jamba and Hanley Fong, the 19 students immersed themselves in the rich biodiversity and stunning landscapes of the Lambir Hills. This hands-on experience allowed them to apply theoretical knowledge in a practical setting, enhancing their understanding of travel writing and photography in real-world contexts.

Lambir Hills National Park, renowned for its ecological significance and diverse flora and fauna, served as the perfect backdrop for the students’ creative endeavours. As they navigated through lush trails and captured the essence of the rainforest through their lenses and writing, they were encouraged to develop a deeper appreciation for nature and its conservation.

The highlight of the field trip was the trek to Pantu Waterfall, one of six waterfalls at the 6,952 hectare national park, offering a most stunning setting for the aspiring travel photographers and writers. Against the backdrop of the waterfall, the students unleashed their creativity, capturing the essence of the moment through their lenses and weaving vivid narratives that would later adorn the pages of their travel journals.

“This field trip was a perfect fusion of learning and adventure,” remarked Fong. “It allowed our students to hone their observational skills, capture the essence of nature through photography, and cultivate their narrative prowess in describing the wonders of the natural world.”

The students expressed their enthusiasm for the trip, noting the invaluable experience gained from working in such a dynamic and inspiring setting. “This trip to Lambir Hills has been an eye-opener,” said Yu Han Lim, a diploma student. “It’s one thing to learn about travel writing and photography in a classroom, but being out here in the field, experiencing the sights and sounds firsthand, truly brings our studies to life.”

Associate Professor Fidella Tiew, Director of SPACE, emphasised the importance of such field trips in the curriculum. “Experiential learning is a cornerstone of our educational approach at Curtin Malaysia. By bringing students into environments like Lambir Hills, we enable them to connect classroom knowledge with real-world applications, fostering both their academic and personal growth.”

The Travel Writing and Photography unit at Curtin Malaysia is designed to equip students with the skills needed to capture and convey the essence of travel destinations. Through this unit, students learn to produce compelling narratives and striking visuals, preparing them for careers in media, tourism, and related fields.

SPACE remains committed to providing innovative and experiential learning opportunities that prepare students for the demands of the global workforce. The recent trip to Lambir Hills National Park is a testament to this commitment, offering students a platform to explore their potential and develop their talents in unique and meaningful ways.

SPACE was established in 2021 to create educational and training opportunities for youth so that they can unlock their potential. The School offers diploma and foundation programmes that are pathways to degree programmes at Curtin Malaysia and other Curtin campuses, as well as professional education, including corporate training, short courses, and micro-credentials, for young learners and working adults to take their careers to the next level. To learn more about SPACE, visit its website at or email them at

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The group stopping to rest while on their way Pantu Waterfall

Fong (top of pic) leading the students along one of the trails at the national park