Curtin Malaysia students learn about water treatment at Lambir Water Treatment Plant

Miri – 27 February 2024 – Five student members of the Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM) Student Section of Curtin University Malaysia (Curtin Malaysia) recently went on a technical visit to LAKU Management Sdn. Bhd.’s Lambir Water Treatment Plant (WTP).

Organised by the IEM Young Engineers Section (IEM-YES), Miri Branch, this visit aimed to deepen the students’ understanding of the critical importance of clean water supply.

Led by two lecturers; Ts. Francis Liaw Zhen Zhen, Chairman of the IEM-YES Miri Branch; and six professional engineers from IEM, the visit provided a unique opportunity for the students to witness firsthand the intricate processes involved in ensuring access to safe water for communities.

During the visit, staff at the plant offered comprehensive insights into the journey of water from its source to the tap. They emphasised the significance of each step in maintaining water quality and safety standards. According to them, the Lambir Water Treatment Plant serves approximately 300,000 people, extending from Miri up to Bakam in the south of the city, and from Lambir to Sungai Tujoh in the north.

Jameson Malang, a teaching fellow at Curtin Malaysia’s School of Pre-University and Continuing Education (SPACE) and an advisor to the IEM Curtin Malaysia Student Section, remarked that the visit highlighted the importance of valuing our water resources.

Fellow advisor to the IEM Curtin Malaysia Student Section and a lecturer in the Department of Chemical and Energy Engineering at Curtin Malaysia’s Faculty of Engineering and Science, Dr. Evelyn Chiong Tung, said the visit was an eye-opening experience for the students.

“Witnessing the intricate processes involved in water treatment at the plant underscored the critical importance of safeguarding our water supply,” she said.

Reiterating this, Raymond Lo Chee Shuan, president of the IEM Curtin Malaysia Student Section, who is a first-year civil and construction engineering student, said the visit was an enlightening experience that allowed the students to see first-hand the meticulous processes involved in ensuring clean water for the local community.

Meanwhile, Lambir Water Treatment Plant Manager Ir. Ts. Geoffrey Ranggu Anak Thomas, expressed hope that greater awareness can be raised among the public regarding the value of our water resources.

Industrial site visits such as the one to the Lambir Water Treatment Plant offer Curtin Malaysia’s engineering students valuable insights into real-world applications of theoretical knowledge. Firmly embedded into the curriculum of all engineering programmes, they provide a practical understanding of industrial processes, technologies, and safety measures.

Additionally, students can observe professional practices, gain exposure to various engineering disciplines, and establish connections with industry professionals. This hands-on experience enhances their problem-solving skills and prepares them for future challenges in their careers.

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Students, lecturers, and professional engineers from IEM pose for group photo with LAKU Management Lambir WTP staff

LAKU Management Lambir WTP staff explain the water treatment process