Curtin Malaysia’s collaborative initiative cultivates positive learning attitudes in students

Miri –30 January 2024 – To foster positive attitudes in the learning process, Curtin University Malaysia (Curtin Malaysia) recently organised a knowledge transfer programme workshop for 72 secondary school students at SMK Chung Hua Miri.

The workshop titled ‘Cultivating Positive Emotions to Improve Learning Engagement’ was conducted in collaboration with Sincere Centre Miri, a non-governmental organisation (NGO) providing counselling services, and the Sarawak Welfare Department. Representing Sincere Centre Miri was Hii Min Rou, while Christine Lau represented the Sarawak Welfare Department.

Dr. Lynn Ling Yew Hua, an academic and researcher at Curtin Malaysia’s Faculty of Business, led the workshop, highlighting recent research findings that underscore the importance of positive emotions and attitudes in fostering improved learning engagement among students.

“This workshop was a collaborative effort between our team from Curtin Malaysia, Sincere Centre Miri, and the Sarawak Welfare Department, combining our respective expertise and demonstrating our shared commitment to advancing educational practices and ensuring the holistic development of students,” said Dr. Ling.

She said the workshop was tailored specifically to secondary school students, addressing effective approaches to cultivating positive emotions in the learning process.

The workshop was divided into two sessions to accommodate the relatively large group of students attending.

Dr. Ling and her team, along with Hii, used various approaches to underline the intricacies of the topic and make the sessions as interactive and engaging for the students as possible.

“We believe that by introducing students to evidence-based approaches towards fostering positive emotions and attitudes in learning, we contribute not only to their academic success but also to their overall well-being,” she said.

“A positive learning attitude is crucial for unlocking a student’s full potential, and the workshop encouraged the students to continue applying this approach in their studies.”

In addition to thanking Sincere Centre Miri and the Sarawak Welfare Department for their support, Dr. Ling also expressed gratitude to a corporate sponsor who wished to remain anonymous for its generous monetary support, helping ensure the success of the workshop.

As the programme concluded, the team was delighted that the students left with newfound insights and practical strategies to integrate positive emotions into their learning journeys.

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Hii (left) and Dr Ling (right) pose for photo before the start of the workshop

Dr Ling and Hii (standing centre) with the participating students at the end of the workshop