Curtin Malaysia’s Faculty of Engineering and Science co-hosts CIVITOUR Program with IEM-YES Miri Branch

Miri –12 March 2024 – The Faculty of Engineering and Science of Curtin University Malaysia (Curtin Malaysia) recently collaborated with the Young Engineers Section of The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM-YES) Miri Branch to host the CIVITOUR programme at the university.

The CIVITOUR programme is a pivotal initiative by the IEM-YES to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted aspects of engineering within society.

This programme at Curtin Malaysia involved 48 visiting civil engineering students from Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) and their advisor, Sr. Ts. Dr Asmawan Mohd. Sarman, who were joined by Curtin Malaysia academics Associate Professor Ir. Wong Kwong Soon, Associate Professor Bridgid Chin Lai Fui, Ir. Meheron Selowara Joo and Jameson Malang, IEM Miri Branch chairlady Ir. Chong Boon Hui, and IEM-YES Miri Branch chairman Ts. Francis Liaw Zhen.

The main aim of the event was to provide the UMS students exposure to engineering ethics and strengthen the ties between IEM-YES and UMS.

An Engineering Ethics workshop was conducted by Associate Professor Chin from Curtin Malaysia’s Department of Chemical and Energy Engineering, who highlighted the importance of integrating ethics into engineering practice and emphasised the role of engineers in promoting public welfare and environmental sustainability.

During the workshop, the students reflected on their Engineering Ethics lectures and explored how the principles imparted could be applied in real-world settings. They also discussed the practical implications of ethical principles in professional engineering endeavours. This included the importance of transparency and accountability to considering the long-term consequences of engineering decisions.

In addition, the workshop provided an opportunity for the students to discuss lessons learnt from past engineering disasters, particularly the Fukushima nuclear accident in Ōkuma, Fukushima, Japan. The students analysed the failures in safety practices, infrastructure resilience, and risk management strategies that contributed to the catastrophe. By examining these shortcomings, they identified key areas of improvement in safety practices, infrastructure design, and regulatory frameworks.

The event concluded with closing remarks from UMS, Sr. Ts. Dr Asmawan Mohd. Sarman, affirming the importance of collaborative efforts in nurturing ethical engineers for the future, and a lunch, providing an opportunity for networking and informal interactions among participants.

This was followed by a guided tour of Curtin Malaysia’s new Engineering Research Laboratories and Curtin Aquaculture Research Laboratories, offering the students a glimpse of the cutting-edge research being conducted at Curtin Malaysia, and their practical applications in engineering.

IEM-YES Miri Branch chairman Francis Liaw Zhen Zhen said the event allowed the participants to gain valuable insights into the ethical considerations essential to engineering practice, comprehend the regulatory frameworks governing engineering projects, and appreciate the pivotal role played by the Institution of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM) in the effective management of infrastructure.

“The IEM-YES Miri Branch is enthusiastic about facilitating enriching experiences for engineering students, fostering a deeper appreciation for the ethical dimensions of engineering and the broader societal implications of their future roles in the field,” he remarked.

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Group photo of participants at the end of the Engineering Ethics workshop

Ir Chong Boon Hui presenting hamper to the winning group in the event’s case study activity

Associate Professor Ir Wong Kwong Soon briefing the UMS students on the testing facilities at the Engineering Research Laboratories.