Curtin Malaysia’s Mechanical Capstone Design Project Competition 2024 showcases innovation and excellence

Miri, Sarawak – 10 July 2024 – Curtin University Malaysia’s Department of Mechanical Engineering recently held a successful Mechanical Capstone Design Project Competition 2024, a prestigious event that not only highlighted the ingenuity and dedication of its students but also underscored the university’s commitment to providing practical, hands-on learning experiences.

A total of 23 fourth-year Mechanical Engineering students showcased six ground-breaking projects, each reflecting a unique blend of creativity and technical prowess.

Dr. Fethma M. Nor, a Senior Lecturer in the Mechanical Engineering Department, emphasised the competition’s integral role within the Integrated Mechanical Design course. “This unit challenges our students to design a Smart Sculpture Sarawak District Landmark, incorporating at least three motions, Arduino, and sensors. The selected landmarks – Hornbill, Swan, Pigeon, Crocodile, Seahorse, and Cat – provided diverse and complex design challenges,” she explained.

Despite their demanding schedules, the students’ dedication shone through. “Their hard work and passion are truly commendable,” Dr. Fethma remarked. The competition aimed to elicit feedback from academics and industry experts, while also giving students the invaluable experience of presenting their projects to the public.

A distinguished panel of judges, comprising industry professionals and faculty members, evaluated the projects. The students captivated the audience with their innovative designs and compelling presentations.

The competition saw Kenneth Lim Zheng Yuan, Joshua Tan Cheng Yong, Alan Juin Gabriel, and Joel Vun Khai Qian’s ‘Hornbill’ project winning three awards: Favourite Design by Visitors’ Vote, Best Presentation, and Best Prototype. Their project was guided by Dr. Ir. Edwin Jong Nyon Tchan, Associate Professor of Chemical and Energy Engineering.

The ‘Crocodile’ project, created by Foo Fang Long, Kong Yin Jie, Ong Wei Shern, and Abdul Wazif Muqrie B. Ghtnee, received accolades for Best Animation Video and Best Novelty Design under the supervision of Dr. Fethma.

Christopher Nathan, Gio Matthew Yanto, Paidamoyo Ephias, and Harsha Ravindra Pathirana’s ‘Swan’ project, supervised by Ir. Lucas Loh Ted Sun, an Adjunct Lecturer, earned The Best Inspirational Design.

Kenneth Lim shared his excitement about the competition, stating, “This experience has been exceptional, allowing me to expand my learning into the electrical side of engineering. The skills I’ve developed here will undoubtedly give me a competitive edge in the job market.”

Foo Fang Long reflected on the project’s impact, saying, “This journey has been both challenging and rewarding. We integrated 3D printing, servo motors, and IoT technology to bring Bujang Senang to life. This project has taught us planning, time management, and teamwork.”

He also highlighted the importance of merging modern technology with cultural heritage, creating meaningful community projects. “Presenting our work and receiving feedback was invaluable, and watching other groups was equally inspiring,” he added.

Mechanical Engineering is a major within Curtin’s four-year Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) degree offered at Curtin Malaysia. Mechanical engineers analyse and develop technological systems that involve motion, helping society harness the energy and forces that exist in nature. Recognised worldwide, mechanical engineering is one of the broadest engineering disciplines, providing students with versatile skills for diverse career opportunities.

System conception, design, manufacturing, maintenance and management are all within the scope of the course. These systems include micromechanical devices, power-generating turbines, thermal power generation and air and transport systems.

The course is designed to give students skill development opportunities with hands-on experience. They will learn how to apply their expertise to devise and develop solutions for a range of engaging industry challenges. In particular, they will be able to apply their multidisciplinary, problem-solving skills across a spectrum of science and engineering endeavours, extending through to biomedical engineering. In their final year, they will undertake individual research projects.

Information on Curtin Malaysia can be found on its website at, or look for Curtin Malaysia on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

(Standing first row, 4th from right) Dr. Fethma, and Dr Jong with the winning teams

The Hornbill Project team celebrates their success with three awards

Students present their projects to the judges

The Seahorse team with their prototype project