Curtin Malaysia’s SPACE hosts seminar on growth mindset

Miri, Sarawak – 24 June 2024 – Curtin University Malaysia’s School of Pre-University and Continuing Education (SPACE) recently hosted an engaging seminar titled ‘Embracing Growth Mindset for Academic Excellence’ for students. The seminar aimed to equip the students with the mindset necessary to achieve academic success.

The keynote speaker, Larry Asu, a Senior Learning Manager at Pepsi Beverages North America (PBNA), captivated the students with his dynamic presentation. Larry, known for his dedication to empowering individuals, teams, and leaders, shared invaluable insights on unlocking potential through continuous growth and skill development.

Using interactive tools like Slido, Larry engaged the students in real-time discussions and activities. He also facilitated breakout sessions on the theme “Embrace the Unknown,” encouraging students to actively participate, exchange ideas, and reflect on their personal growth journeys.

The seminar was organised by Jameson Malang, a teaching fellow in SPACE, who emphasised the importance of cultivating a growth mindset among students. “I believe that by embracing a growth mindset, students can overcome obstacles, adapt to new situations, and achieve their academic goals,” he remarked.

The event concluded with closing remarks from Associate Professor Fidella Tiew, the Director of SPACE. She expressed gratitude to Larry for his valuable contributions and underscored the significance of his message for students’ academic and personal growth. In appreciation, Associate Professor Tiew presented Larry with a token of gratitude on behalf of Curtin Malaysia.

The seminar attracted over 30 foundation students and five PhD students, all eager to apply the principles of a growth mindset to their studies.

One scholarship holder, Wiro Andy Anak Alfred, shared his thoughts on the seminar: “This seminar has taught me practical strategies to approach challenges with a positive attitude and increased determination. I’ve learned valuable lessons about the growth mindset that I can apply to my academic pursuits.”

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Scholarship holder Wiro Andy Anak Alfred shares his insights on the seminar’s benefits

Associate Professor Fidella Tiew (2nd right) presents a souvenir to Larry Asu while seminar attendees look on