Curtin Malaysia’s START-UP Training Programme empowers single mothers

Miri, Sarawak – 3 July 2024 – In a significant demonstration of community and empowerment, 80 members of the Sarawak Single Mothers Association, Miri Branch (PITSACM) successfully completed the transformative START-UP Training Programme at Curtin University Malaysia (Curtin Malaysia) recently.

Organised by Curtin Malaysia’s Health, Counselling, and Disability Services and backed by the Student Experience Department, the initiative was a collaborative effort involving students and staff from various departments. This specialised programme was designed to arm single mothers with essential skills and knowledge, promoting both personal and entrepreneurial growth.

The programme featured four engaging, hands-on classes: two baking workshops, a flower arrangement session, and a massage therapy class. Participants learned to craft pineapple tarts under the guidance of Eka Labo and mastered the traditional kuih ‘Kuih Jala’ with Enam Labo. In the flower arrangement class, Nurul Aidzza Fadzwin taught the art of bouquet making, while Donny from Blind Massage and Reflexology Centre shared the fundamentals of massage therapy.

Jessica Akang, the programme’s organising chairperson and Senior Counsellor of Health, Counselling, and Disability Services, highlighted the programme’s impact. “Our skill development initiatives are designed to enhance the capabilities of single mothers, propelling their professional growth. By fostering a strong sense of empowerment, we provide them with the tools to confidently pursue entrepreneurial opportunities.”

Jessica emphasised the community-building aspect, stating, “At Curtin Malaysia, we strive to create a supportive and inclusive environment where single mothers can connect, share their experiences, and build a robust support network. Our workshops aim to ignite their spirit, encouraging them to embrace their potential, overcome challenges, and set goals for future success.”

The completion of the programme marked a significant milestone for the participants, who celebrated their achievements by displaying their certificates of participation. The classes not only provided practical skills but also inspired a renewed sense of confidence and community among the single mothers.

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Jessica (seated, 3rd right) and PITSACM chairlady Horry Bujang (seated 5th right), with participants of the START-UP Training Programme

Participants proudly display their certificates after completing the pineapple tart baking class

Two participants meticulously place pineapple into the baking tray

Participants exhibit great concentration during the massage class

Nurul (standing) guides participants in creating beautiful bouquets