Enhance your English skills for university study via Yayasan Sarawak’s EEP at Curtin Malaysia

Miri – 12 January 2024 – SPM 2023 leavers who wish to enhance their English language skills before entering a tertiary institution are encouraged to participate in the popular four-week English Enhancement Programme (EEP) offered by Curtin University Malaysia (Curtin Malaysia) that will start in April 2024.

This programme, which I being offered for the second year at Curtin Malaysia and generously sponsored by Yayasan Sarawak, comes at no cost to the students and upon successful completion, participants will receive a one-time allowance of RM300. Additionally, for those students who are not from Miri, on-campus accommodation will be provided free of charge throughout the programme.

The primary objective of the EEP is to equip students with the necessary English language proficiency required for undergraduate studies where English serves as the medium of instruction. Students who successfully complete the programme and subsequently apply for foundation, diploma, or degree programmes at Curtin Malaysia can also apply for Credit for Recognised Learning (CRL) or exemptions from the Effective Communication Skills unit within their courses. Furthermore, they become eligible to apply for Yayasan Sarawak scholarships to support their chosen academic pursuits.

The EEP places a strong emphasis on active learning, offering opportunities for students to apply their language skills in academic contexts similar to those they will encounter during their undergraduate studies.

Upon finishing the programme, students can expect to demonstrate effective communication skills in oral presentations and group discussions, exhibit appropriate interpersonal skills in various settings, apply critical reading techniques, comprehend conversations in social or semi-official contexts, and craft persuasive essays supported by examples, among other achievements.

To better prepare students for university-level studies, they will also be trained to understand and engage with university-style lectures or presentations and apply essential concepts and elements of academic writing to their essays.

Applications for the EEP programme is currently open and will continue until mid-March 2024. Students who will be sitting for the SPM 2023 examinations are encouraged to reach out to their school counsellors for the registration link.

For students who are unable to secure a spot in the initial cohort due to a maximum intake limit of 200 students per cohort, there will be opportunities to apply for subsequent cohorts. Given the high demand for this programme, early applications are strongly encouraged.

For further details about the programme, contact Nita Bohari of Curtin Malaysia’s Domestic Student Recruitment Department at 019 – 857 7320 or via email at nitabohari@curtin.edu.my.

For additional information about Curtin Malaysia, visit curtin.edu.my or find Curtin Malaysia on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, or TikTok.

SPM leavers are encouraged to apply to join the English Enhancement Programme at Curtin Malaysia