Riam Hill International Secondary School students explore sustainable initiatives at Curtin Malaysia

Miri, Sarawak – 13 May 2024 – Riam Hill International Secondary School’s principal, students, and teachers recently visited Curtin University Malaysia (Curtin Malaysia). The visit by 80 students from Year 6 to Year 10 and 40 teachers, as well as principal Liong Hong Kit, was hosted by Curtin Malaysia’s Faculty of Business.

This visit was a pivotal component of the Faculty’s Research and Development (R&D) Committee’s 25th Anniversary community engagement endeavours spearheaded by Associate Dean of Research and Development, Dr. Tiong Ying Ying.

The day commenced with a dynamic brainstorming session involving a sustainable art mini-game, where the students delved into the realms of sustainability, catalysing their creativity and innovative prowess. A compelling video on recycling titled ‘Can We Recycle Our Old Clothes?’ followed, setting the stage for an enlightening discourse on ‘Sustainable Product Branding and Development’ led by Dr. Fayrene Chieng Yew Leh , Associate Dean of Learning and Teaching.

Subsequently, Dr. Ting Qian Hui, a lecturer in Management, Marketing, and Digital Business, ignited conversations on ‘Intergenerational Collaboration’, fostering a platform for interconnectivity between generations in the pursuit of sustainable endeavours.

The highlight of the day was the hands-on group task, where the students collaboratively engineered sustainable product prototypes, embodying their commitment to environmental stewardship. Upon completion of the task, each group gave presentations on the merits of their products.

The Sustainable Entrepreneurship Student Group from Curtin Malaysia also showcased their innovative products, inviting the visiting students for their feedback.

As the day progressed, recruiters from Curtin Malaysia’s Domestic Student Recruitment Department enlightened the students about the range of courses available at Curtin Malaysia. This was followed by a tour of the campus, providing the visiting students an immersive experience and allowing them to envision themselves as future students of Curtin Malaysia.

In a concurrent engagement session tailored exclusively for Riam Hill International Secondary School’s teachers, further insights and collaborations were fostered, enriching the academic tapestry of both institutions.

This collaborative endeavour between Riam Hill International Secondary School and Curtin Malaysia exemplifies a shared commitment towards fostering sustainable practices and nurturing the leaders of tomorrow.

Information on Curtin Malaysia can be found on its website at curtin.edu.my, or look for Curtin Malaysia on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

Dr. Chieng (front) gives the students an idea for producing sustainable products.

Dr Ting explaining how intergenerational collaboration can be effective

Dr Tiong (front right) assigning the students the group task

The students exercising their creativity to create a sustainable product using used plastic food packaging

A student presenting her group’s sustainable product

Curtin Malaysia’s Sustainable Entrepreneurship Student Group showcasing its products