The Library Webinar: Invitation to Nikkei Asia’s Exclusive Webinar _ US Election Special

2nd webinar by Nikkei Asia

If you missed the first session, you can view the recording posted via Access Dunia’s Facebook page:

Dear Valued Subscribers,

Coming up next in our webinar series, Nikkei Asia proudly presents ‘US Election Special: What’s at stake for Asia?’. For this event, we will be bringing together a panel of esteemed individuals based in Tokyo, Singapore and the US to debate what the upcoming US presidential election will mean for Asian politics, economics, and business.

We hope you are looking forward to the webinar as much as we are, and we sincerely hope that it will be an exciting and informative event for you.

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Nikkei Asia webinar – US Election Special

What’s at stake for Asia? The Trump administration has overturned longstanding US policies in Asia, from trade with China to engaging with North Korea. His administration has questioned the military presence in Japan and South Korea, engaged more with Taiwan, and withdrawn from TPP. Would a Biden administration reverse the policies or extend them?

Date: Oct. 21, 2020 (JST)
Time: 19:30-20:50 (JST)
Malaysia / Singapore: 18:30; London: 11:30; New York: 06:30

Moderator: Christopher Grimes, Nikkei Asia Executive Editor

Alex Fang, Nikkei Asia Staff Writer
Hiroyuki Akita, Nikkei Asia Commentator
James Crabtree, NUS Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, Associate Professor of Practice
Marrian Zhou, Nikkei Asia Staff Writer
Richard McGregor, Lowy Institute Senior Fellow for East Asia

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