Curtin HIP a fusion of education and innovation for SK Tudan students, teachers and parents

Miri – 10 November 2023 – Students and parents of SK Tudan had a truly enriching and engaging experience at the 2-day Highly Immersive Programme (HIP), a collaborative initiative between Sekolah Kebangsaan Tudan and Curtin University Malaysia’s School of Pre-U and Continuing Education (SPACE), recently.

The HIP aims to create a rich English language learning environment in schools as well as to strengthen the command of English language among students. For this latest programme, held at both SK Tudan and the Curtin Malaysia campus, a diverse range of workshops and activities focused on Multimedia Application, Google, and Cyber Awareness were conducted.

On the first day, 240 Primary 6 students and their parents attended a ‘Student-Centric Google App Workshop’ conducted by SPACE lecturers Kamaroizan bin Mohamad and Hii Kiew Ling at SK Tudan. The workshop was designed to cultivate digital literacy and cyber awareness among the participants, familiarising them with Google tools like Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Forms using their mobile devices. This helped them explore the realm of collaborative work and efficient communication.

Kamaroizan said learning to use a variety of Google apps is essential nowadays for academic and professional success. “By fostering digital literacy using various applications, we can prepare students for a future filled with endless opportunities,” he remarked.

The students and parents also attended a talk on ‘Cakna Siber’ or Cyber Awareness by Assistant Director of the Educational Resources and Technology Division, Ministry of Education Malaysia, Azizul Abdul Radzak. In his talk, Azizul emphasised that in today’s digital age, cybersecurity awareness is paramount and gave the participants expert advice on safeguarding their online presence, recognising digital threats, and taking measures to protect their personal information.

On the second day, the event continued at the Curtin Malaysia campus with two workshops for teachers of SK Tudan. The first, titled ‘Penghasilan Buku Digital’ (Digital Book Production), was conducted by Azizul for 80 teachers, where he trained them to create digital books using Google Slide.

A second workshop on ‘Penghasilan Video Menggunakan Telefon Pintar’ (Video Production using Smartphones) was conducted by SPACE lecturer Peter Jamba, who taught the teachers the fundamentals of taking good videos and photographs with smartphones. This introduced them to the intriguing world of multimedia, teaching them to produce captivating content, inspiring artistic expressions, and honing their digital craftsmanship.

Peter said it was a pleasure to share SPACE’s expertise in media and communication with the teachers. “We learned a lot from each other. We hope the workshop inspired them to create more exciting digital content for their students in the future,”  he said.

Hii, who is Head of the Department of Science and Technology at SPACE, said the HIP is the fruit of inspiring partnerships between local schools and SPACE. “These collaborations embody our commitment to enhancing educational opportunities, promoting innovation, and fostering a community of lifelong learners. This event with SK Tudan is a testament to the power of unity in advancing education and digital literacy,” she said.

Associate Professor Fidella Tiew, Director of SPACE, also emphasised the importance of such collaborative efforts in education, saying, “This event underscores our dedication to providing valuable educational experiences beyond the classroom. We are proud to partner with SK Tudan and contribute to the growth and development of the community.”

Jamilah binti Mail, the headmistress of SK Tudan, expressed her delight at the success of the HIP, stating, “We are thrilled to see our students and parents actively engaging in these transformative workshops. The knowledge and skills gained here will undoubtedly pave the way for a brighter future.”

The HIP with SK Tudan was sponsored by Deputy Minister for Tourism, Creative Industry and Performing Arts I (Tourism) Datuk Sebastian Ting Chiew Yew.

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Group photo of participants at SK Tudan on the first day

Kamaroizan conducting Student-Centric Google Apps workshop

Azizul giving his talk on cyber awareness

Group photo of participants and facilitators at Curtin Malaysia on Day 2

Azizul conducting Digital Book Production workshop for teachers

Peter Jamba (left) coaching participant during Video production workshop