Curtin Malaysia diploma students bring joy to Pusat Jagaan Anak Kesayangan Kami

Miri – 19 December 2023 – In a heartening display of compassion and community engagement, 14 diploma students from the School of Pre-U and Continuing Education (SPACE) at Curtin University Malaysia (Curtin Malaysia) recently organised a community service event at Pusat Jagaan Anak Kesayangan Kami here.

The students dedicated their time and efforts to bring joy to the children at the orphanage, presenting them with essential items such as clothing, books, and toys. Beyond material gifts, the students actively engaged with the children in various activities to create memorable moments.

The day was filled with laughter and creativity as the students participated in playtime with the children, fostering a sense of connection and friendship. A drawing activity added a touch of artistic expression to the event, with the students providing the children with coloured pencils and other art supplies to unleash their imagination. The resulting artworks were proudly displayed at the orphanage, showcasing the collaborative efforts between the students and the children.

Undoubtedly, the highlight of the day was the sushi booth, where the students showcased their culinary skills by serving a delightful variety of sushi to the orphans. The children not only enjoyed the delicious treats but also had the opportunity to make their own sushi, adding an interactive and enjoyable dimension to the event. To add to the culinary experience, the students treated the children to some scrumptious fried snacks, further enhancing the overall enjoyment of the day.

Headmistress of Pusat Jagaan Anak Kesayangan Kami, Ummi Badariah Hassan, the expressed her gratitude, wishing the Curtin students all the best. “I hope they do well in their future endeavours, and continue to do good deeds, and remember to always be kind,” she said.

Auni Nabila Binti Anuar, one of the participating Curtin students, shared her experience, stating, “It was a new experience for me. The kids were so lovely and adorable. We will definitely visit them again.”

Fellow student Meghan Gituen Lim also expressed how it was a new experience for her. “I’m glad that I got to participate in this project. The children were very well-behaved, and they welcomed us with open arms,” she remarked.

Group leader Elvira Shao, meanwhile, thanked the event’s sponsors, Law Siew Ping, Chai Chen Lian and Thang Ai Chiew, as well as their unit lecturer, Farahezza Hairon Nizar, who initiated the event.

This community service initiative not only benefitted the orphans at Pusat Jagaan Anak Kesayangan Kami but also exemplified the spirit of altruism and camaraderie among the students of Curtin Malaysia. The event served as a reminder of the positive impact that small acts of kindness can have on the lives of others.

The students hope that the community will continue to extend support to these unfortunate children, fostering a caring environment for their growth and development.

For those interested in supporting the children at Pusat Jagaan Anak Kesayangan Kami, please email them at or visit them at Lot 2286, Jalan Pujut 8, Miri.

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The Curtin students (back row) with staff and students of Pusat Jagaan Anak Kesayangan Kami

The children receiving their gifts from the Curtin students