Curtin Malaysia’s Faculty of Business reaches out to community

Miri – 20 July 2023 – The Faculty of Business at Curtin University Malaysia (Curtin Malaysia) continues its commitment to fostering social responsibility by actively engaging with the local community. In recent initiatives, faculty staff and students have conducted two impactful community engagement activities, aiming to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals facing barriers to education and empowerment.

The initiatives were coordinated and led by the Faculty’s administrative team, and involved 19 staff members and two postgraduate research students who volunteered their time and contributed over eight hours’ service.

The first activity involved providing an English class at Kenosis, a drug rehabilitation centre at Jalan Bunga Tanjung Miri. Recognising the importance of communication skills in a diverse and evolving global society, the Faculty of Business team worked closely with dedicated volunteers at the centre to deliver the invaluable language training to those attending the rehabilitation programme there.

The programme began with an ice-breaker, followed by the class by the Curtin Malaysia team, local language instruction by Kenosis volunteers, and lunch with the volunteers and rehabilitees. By equipping the rehabilitees with essential language skills, the programme aimed to enhance their employability and integration into society, increasing their chances of successful reintegration into the community.

During the lunch, the rehabilitees shared how they got involved in the drug culture, and their experiences as drug addicts. All agreed that the way forward was to acquire new knowledge and skills that would ensure them a brighter, drug-free future. Aside from sponsoring the lunch, the Faculty team also donated food provisions to the rehabilitation centre.

The Faculty of Business team also conducted a learning programme with students at Faith Life Training College (FLTC) at Jalan Tanjong Petra.

FLTC is an organisation that runs educational programmes specifically tailored for school dropouts and disadvantaged minorities who do not have the opportunity to attend regular schools. It is currently running a programme for nine students from a remote Penan village with a small staff comprising three retired teachers and a principal.

Realising the significant challenges faced by such marginalised students, the faculty staff and students emphasised personal development, life skills, and entrepreneurship in their interactive activities, mentorship, and knowledge-sharing sessions. It is hoped the simple yet meaningful activity empowered the students to overcome social and educational hurdles and pursue sustainable pathways towards success.

“Community engagement is not just a core value of our Faculty, but a fundamental responsibility towards uplifting society,” said Ho Jie Min, one of the participating lecturers. “By actively participating in these initiatives, our students and staff gain valuable experiences while creating an impact in the lives of individuals who need it the most. We firmly believe that these activities are essential in building a more inclusive and prosperous community.”

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The Faculty of Business staff and students with rehabilitees and staff of Kenosis

Faculty of Business team in photo opportunity with staff and students of FLTC