Curtin Malaysia’s Faculty of Engineering and Science celebrates success with alumni gathering

Miri – 8 December 2023 – Curtin Malaysia’s Faculty of Engineering and Science recently hosted a gathering for over 50 of its alumni, marking a significant milestone in fostering connections and celebrating both the university and the alumni’s achievements.

The event on campus brought together graduates from various years, providing a platform for networking, reminiscing, and sharing experiences with former classmates and faculty members. For many of the alumni, this marked their first return to campus after an extended period. The atmosphere was filled with nostalgia, laughter, and shared memories that transcended the years.

The reunion was also an occasion to promote the ongoing Curtin Lost Alumni Project which encourages all Curtin alumni in Malaysia to update their contact details and stay connected with the university community ahead of Curtin Malaysia’s 25th anniversary celebrations next year.

In addition, the gathering facilitated the administration of the Engineering Accreditation Council (EAC) Alumni Survey which allows engineering alumni the opportunity to provide valuable insights and feedback on their experiences since graduation.

Both alumni and faculty members participated in a sharing session, exchanging experiences, and insights. This collaborative dialogue showcased the diverse achievements of the alumni and the latest developments at Curtin Malaysia, including new initiatives to enhance the student experience and new campus facilities.

Other highlights of the event were a networking lunch, photo challenge, campus tour, and lucky draws.

Also attending the event were Pro-Vice Chancellor, President and Chief Executive Professor Simon Leunig, Dean of Faculty of Engineering and Science Professor Tuong-Thuy Vu, Associate Dean of External Engagement Associate Professor Ir. Lim Chye Ing, Faculty Chair of Student and Alumni Relations Committee Associate Professor Bridgid Chin Lai Fui, department heads and programme coordinators.

Prof. Vu remarked that it was a welcome and enjoyable reunion of staff, alumni, and current students. “It was a joy reflecting on the wonderful times of the past, acknowledging our successes, fortifying our connections, and renewing our commitment to make a positive impact in our communities,” he said.

Assoc. Prof. Chin, meanwhile, said the Faculty of Engineering and Science looks forward to more connections between the past and present students, and ensuring its alumni remain connected and engaged, especially as Curtin Malaysia celebrates its 25th anniversary next year and looks to involve its alumni in marking the milestone.

She added that the gathering’s success highlighted Curtin Malaysia’s dedication to cultivating enduring relationships with its alumni and establishing a lively and active alumni community.

A grand two-day Curtin Alumni Homecoming and Alumni Awards Dinner are being planned to mark Curtin Malaysia’s 25th anniversary in June next year to which all Curtin alumni in Malaysia will be invited.

Curtin Malaysia is the largest global campus of Curtin University, Western Australia. As a global university, Curtin is committed to research, innovation, and knowledge exchange that addresses global challenges and makes a positive impact on the world.

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Group photo of alumni with Prof Leunig (centre in blue shirt) and faculty members during the gathering

Prof Leunig presenting prizes to two alumni who won lucky draws

Prof Vu presenting prize to one of the winners of photo challenge

Some of the alumni pause for a group photo during nostalgic tour of the campus