Curtin Sarawak Mass Communication students wins Special Award for Best Cinematography

Miri, 19 January 2007 – “Nenek Inyak”, a short documentary made by four Mass Communication students from Curtin University of Technology Sarawak was awarded the AFP 2006 Jury Special Award for Best Cinematography (Anugerah Khas Juri – Sinematographi Terbaik) with a cheque of RM5,000 at the 2006 Short Film Awards (Anugerah Filem Pendek) on 27 January 2007 held in Auditorium Angkasapuri Perdana, RTM, Kuala Lumpur.

Curtin Sarawak BA Mass Communication students, Rachel Chee Keen Mey, Emily Chang Wee Yei, Ruby Yeo Sing Yee and Diyana Nawar Kasimon were all present for the awards ceremony alongside with their lecturer, Rama Venkatasawmy.

“Nenek Inyak” documented the real life story of a loving grandmother named Nenek Inyak who has been living in one of the most unthinkable place, a rubbish dump with her 11 years old granddaughter, Jessica.

“We are very honoured to receive this award and I feel that it has helped boost our confidence in pursuing our career in this industry. It was not an easy task as we faced some challenges in getting the production crew and equipment into the filming site that is a rubbish dump and the communication was another challenge. Winning this award makes every hard work worthwhile now,” states Rachel Chee, Director of “Nenek Inyak”.

“We are sad that Nenek Inyak is not here to witness our achievement as she passed away not long after filming of this production. However, we will be sharing part of our winnings (RM1,000) from this award with Nenek Inyak’s granddaughter, Jessica who has been adopted by one of her relatives after Nenek Inyak’s death. We know that the money will be useful for her when she pursue her education in the future,” shares Emily Chang, Cinematographer of “Nenek Inyak”.

“I am very proud of my students who have just received such prestigious award and I know that this will position the Department of Mass Communication Curtin Sarawak on the map of quality production in the Film & Television industry in Malaysia. The students and I would also like to thank Juliana Yong Siew Chin for all the technical support that she has contributed in making this production a success,” shared Rama Venkatasawmy, Head of Department for Mass Communication and Film & Television Lecturer.

“Nenek Inyak” was an assignment for one of the Film & Television unit assigned for students but was subsequently submitted for the competition organised by Filem Negara Malaysia and Radio Televisyen Malaysia.



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