Dance takes centre stage as Curtin Malaysia roars back to life with RE:START Dance Concert

Miri – 9 November 2023 – After the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, the spirit of dance has triumphantly returned to Curtin University Malaysia (Curtin Malaysia) with the recent vibrant and electrifying RE:START Dance Concert.

Organised by Curtin Malaysia’s Curtin Arts and Dance Club, the event in the campus’ 420-seat Auditorium brought the campus community and guests together to celebrate the incredible talent and versatility of its students and guest performers.

What truly made the RE:START Dance Concert special was the diverse range of performances. From the grace and precision of Chinese classical dance to the contemporary and fluid movements of the modern age, the concert offered something for every dance enthusiast. Hip-hop, K-pop, street jazz, and open style presentations were nothing short of exhilarating, proving the boundless creativity of the dancers.

Many of the choreographies were entirely student-created and executed, showcasing the remarkable talent and creativity within the Curtin Arts and Dance Club. This, coupled with the stunning lighting, set designs, and costumes conceived by the students, enhanced the overall visual appeal of the event.

Another of the standout features of the evening was the seamless blend of Curtin Malaysia’s student performers and talented guest performers. In addition to about 40 students of Curtin Malaysia, the performers included a number of guest performers from Miri such as Shelton and Bernard, Christelle Wong, Kathleen Wong, Wei Chuan, and ICATS.

Together, they created a dynamic and unforgettable experience that captured the essence of unity and collaboration. The students, having honed their skills during the challenging times of the pandemic, delivered performances that left the audience in awe. Furthermore, the event featured not only dances but also live singing performances by students and guest performers.

The concert was graced by a fantastic turnout, including enthusiastic parents, family members, and sponsors who lent their support to this cultural revival. The audience was treated to an unforgettable evening, celebrating the resilient spirit of the Curtin Malaysia community.

Organising chairperson Wilson Ong expressed his gratitude, saying, “The RE:START Dance Concert is not just about dance; it’s about reigniting the flame of our campus community after the pandemic. We are thrilled to see our students and guest performers shine on stage, reminding us of the power of art and resilience.”

“The event was a great success largely due to the hard work put in by everyone, their dedication to dance, and the countless hours spent perfecting their routines,” he said.

He added that the organising committee was delighted with the response, especially after the club took a hiatus of three years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Their last concert involving hundreds of student performers, Transcendance, was in 2019.

Meanwhile, club advisor Dr. Ngu Ik Ying commended the Curtin Arts and Dance Club for the event’s success, stating, “”The RE:START Dance Concert reflects the indomitable spirit of our students. It is a testament to their dedication and creativity, and a symbol of Curtin Malaysia’s commitment to the arts.”

The successful return of dance to Curtin Malaysia’s campus with the RE:START Dance Concert marks a significant step towards normalcy, reminding all of the healing power of the arts. This event, with its vibrant performances and enthusiastic audience, represents a beacon of hope for the times ahead.

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Student dancers performing K-pop dance

Guest performers helped create a dynamic and unforgettable experience

Performers and organisers pose for group photo with audience