Curtin Malaysia and MCCCI to strengthen efforts to promote tertiary studies

Miri – 27 October 2021 – The Faculty of Business at Curtin University Malaysia (Curtin Malaysia) and the Miri Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCCI) will enhance joint efforts to promote tertiary studies at Curtin Malaysia to the Miri community following the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) at an online signing ceremony recently.

Under the framework of the MoU, the MCCCI, with its intimate knowledge of the local market, will give feedback and advice on existing and new courses at Curtin Malaysia to helping the university ensure they remain relevant to the changing needs of the market.

Both parties will collaborate to develop student and staff development programmes, creating opportunities for placement, internships, research and other related activities for Curtin Malaysia’s students and staff with local businesses.

In addition, they will collaborate in student recruitment activities, jointly hosting recruitment events for the public, and promoting studies at Curtin Malaysia to the MCCCI’s members, their family members and business associates. The Faculty of Business will also provide expertise and speakers for forums, seminars and training sessions hosted by the MCCCI.

Representing Curtin Malaysia at the signing were Pro Vice-Chancellor, President and Chief Executive Professor Simon Leunig; Deputy Pro Vice-Chancellor Professor Vincent Lee Chieng Chen and Dean of Faculty of Business Professor Andreas Zins.

Also present were the Faculty of Business’ Chair of Industry Engagement and Business Relations Committee Yip Ka Yii, Associate Dean of Learning & Teaching Dr. Abey Philip, Associate Dean of Research & Development Dr. Tiong Ying, Chair of Marketing and Website Committee Kathy Phang; Head of Accounting, Finance & Economics Department Dr. Ramez Badeeb; Head of Management, Marketing & Digital Business Department Dr. Samuel Folorunso Adeyinka-Ojo; and Faculty Manager Ramina Tuah.

The MCCCI, meanwhile, was represented by 2nd Vice-Chairman Vincent Lu Yew Hee representing Chairman Ling Chiong Sing, 3rd Vice-Chairman Ling Kie King, Secretary-General Chong Kin Kyon, and Honorary Treasurer Sim Soon Tian.

Professor Leunig said the signing ceremony was a momentous occasion for Curtin Malaysia and the MCCCI, the chamber being an important shareholder of Curtin Malaysia and the two parties having had very close ties throughout the campus’ 22-year existence.

“With this MoU, the MCCCI’s role as one of the foremost institutions representing the Chinese business community in Miri and Curtin Malaysia’s status as Curtin University’s largest global campus and hub in ASEAN will be leveraged in various forms of meaningful collaborations for our mutual benefit and that of the local community,” he said.

Lu also said the MoU was a significant milestone for the two parties as, though they have had a close relationship over the years, it was the first time an MoU was being signed to formalise their relationship. With the MoU, the relationship will be renewed and strengthened to ensure the continued success of Curtin Malaysia, he said.

He said many in Miri have a strong affinity with Curtin, sending their children for further studies at Curtin Malaysia and Curtin’s main campus in Perth, and were very proud to have an international campus like Curtin Malaysia providing affordable world-class tertiary education in Miri.

He added that Curtin’s engineering and business qualifications were highly regarded by local companies and many Curtin graduates have ended up contributing to the local workforce and economy.

In his closing speech, Professor Zins acknowledged the valuable input given by the MCCCI on the Faculty of Business’ ‘Future Focus Review’, its roadmap for future development, in a roundtable meeting earlier this year. He said the MoU was an outcome of this discussion, taking into account the support MCCCI and its member companies could make to Curtin Malaysia, such as providing internship opportunities, hosting site visits, and providing guest speakers for talks for students.

“This MoU is an essential step to a rich and vital exchange between academia and industry. We are grateful and proud to be able to enter into a formal partnership with the MCCCI to strengthen our ties, ensure commitment from both parties, and implement initiatives for our mutual benefit,” he said.

Representatives from Curtin Malaysia and the MCCCI during the signing ceremony.

Vincent Lu (centre) and other representatives of the MCCCI.

Professor Leunig giving his opening speech.

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