Curtin Malaysia invites community to join love-hate relationships webinar

Miri – 24 February 2021 – The Health, Counselling & Disability Services Department of Curtin University Malaysia (Curtin Malaysia) is inviting members of the public to join its next public webinar titled ‘Love-Hate Relationships’.

This webinar, which is the latest in a series of webinars the university is conducting as a public service, will be on Webex from 2pm to 3pm (UTC/GMT +8) on 26 February 2021. It follows two highly-successful webinars on suicide prevention in last December and in January which were well-attended by participants from all over Malaysia.

The webinar will be conducted in English by two of Curtin Malaysia’s Registered University Counsellors, Jessica Akang and Dorety Panggil.

According to Jessica, the webinar will focus on recognising critical signs of love-hate conflict in a relationship. “For example, we may think we found true love in a person we believe is our Mister or Miss Right, but somehow deep down inside, we are deeply hurt. This may be an anomaly but it can happen, and recognising the signs can help us discover whether the relationship we are in will do us more harm than good,” she said.

She said critical signs that will be discussed during the webinar will include on-off relationships, fighting and making up regularly, waiting things to go bad when things are good, always complaining about your partner, and obsession with your partner.

“We will be delving into these topics and more, which will make for quite an interesting session. Anyone who is a relationship or wishes to improve on a relationship, or simply wishes to learn more about human relationships, can join this webinar,” she added.

Those interested to join the webinar can register at Attendance is free of charge.

Curtin Malaysia’s Health, Counselling & Disability Services Department supports the safety and wellbeing of the campus’ diverse community of students and staff through the provision of a wide range of counselling services, and health and disability related services at its Health Centre.

The Department also organises seminars and talks highlighting health and safety issues, as well as community service projects involving staff and students, as part of its community engagement initiatives.

Given the current COVID-19 situation, its seminars and talks are all being conducted online. For the time being, the Department will continue to run webinars with interesting topics of public interest once or twice a month. More information on the upcoming webinars will follow soon.

‘Love-Hate Relationships’ webinar by Curtin Malaysia on 26 February 2021.

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