Curtin Malaysia offering SPM school leavers opportunity to learn coding using Python

Miri – 25 May 2021 – The Faculty of Engineering and Science at Curtin University Malaysia (Curtin Malaysia) is introducing a six-week online short course in coding from 8 June 2021 exclusively for Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) school leavers.

The ‘Begin to Code with Python’ short course is aimed at giving school leavers who are waiting for their results the opportunity to learn coding using Python, and ultimately, get interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and perhaps pursue further studies in those areas.

Python is a popular general-purpose coding language used across the world for a wide range of programming and software development. It is one of the simplest programming languages around and thus ideal for beginners to learn the fundamentals of programming.

“If you are interested in coding, which is becoming increasingly popular amongst youngsters for all manner of digital projects, this course is a great way to get started,” said Kamaroizan Mohamad, program coordinator and lecturer in the Foundation Studies Department of the Faculty, who is facilitating the short course.

Kamaroizan added that basically anyone can learn to use Python and no prior experience is required. In addition to acquiring basic programming skills for a variety of applications, those taking the short course will also gain the basic skills for further studies in computing.

The short course will involve two-and-a-half hour lessons each week. In the first five lessons, participants will learn Python basics, flow control, list comprehension, function and file processing, and in the final lesson, build a simple application with Python.

“Essentially, the participants will familiarise themselves with programming syntax by customising various Python components to acquire and format data into meaningful on-screen results. They will also be able to incorporate control structures and user-defined functions for the purpose of enhancing their programmes. Using simple but intuitive instruction and practical examples, they will be able to build on their understanding step-by-step in each lesson,” said Kamaroizan.

Meanwhile, Dr. Raymond Chiong Choo Wee, Head of the Engineering First Year (EFY) and Foundation Studies Departments at the Faculty, said Curtin Malaysia is offering those who complete the short course a full course fee reimbursement if they successfully enrol in its Foundation in Engineering and Science programme later in the year.

The normal fee for the short course is RM700, payable upon registration by 7 June 2021, but there is a RM500 early bird fee for those who register and pay before 1 June 2021.

Begin to Code with Python

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