Curtin Malaysia researcher authors book on nanomaterials in material engineering

Miri – 4 March 2021 – Associate Professor Mubarak Mujawar of the Department of Chemical Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering and Science of Curtin University Malaysia (Curtin Malaysia) is the proud author of a new eBook published by prestigious scientific publishers Springer titled Contemporary Nanomaterials in Material Engineering Applications.

The 345-page book, which he authored in collaboration with Associate Professor Rashmi Walvekar of Xiamen University Malaysia and Professor Mohammad Khalid and Dr. Arshid Numan of Sunway University, highlights the latest developments and findings of contemporary nanomaterials (CNMs) to bridge the gap between the latest research and its technical realisation.

The book is designed to introduce readers to a broad view of nanomaterials, from fundamental principles to fabrication techniques, and from characterisation to applications. It is primarily intended as a reference book for graduate students in materials science and other related engineering fields. It also serves as a reference book for professionals that are interested in this field.

Associate Professor Mubarak’s co-authoring of the book is testimony of both his research expertise as well as his involvement in an area of research that is fast gaining traction at Curtin Malaysia and drawing the attention of industries and research communities nationally and internationally.

According to Associate Professor Mubarak, research is crucial to any university that hopes to develop itself into an institution of great learning and Curtin Malaysia has had, for many years now, an active research community of staff and students who have been have been critical to the university’s research strengths.

“Through the years, our research community has helped Curtin Malaysia and the wider Curtin University establish a reputation for innovation, excelling in a diverse range of research areas that aim to change the minds and lives of people across Malaysia and the region,” said Associate Professor Mubarak.

Curtin Malaysia is the largest international campus of Perth-based Curtin University and its global hub for education, research and strategic partnerships in Asia. Other Curtin international campuses can be found in Singapore, Mauritius and Dubai.

“It is recognised that a student’s ability to secure honours, or research staff to conduct thorough research, is dependent upon the university’s ability to attract external funds and inculcate interest in research, mostly through introducing research students and staff to groups or networks outside the university,” Associate Professor Mubarak added.

An accomplished researcher, Associate Professor Mubarak leads the Materials and Structures research cluster at Curtin Malaysia’s Faculty of Engineering & Science. His research interests include advanced carbon nanomaterials synthesis via microwave technology, graphene/CNT buckypaper for strain sensor application, biodiesel, biofuels, magnetic buckypaper, immobilisation of enzymes, protein purification, magnetic biochar production using microwaves, and wastewater treatment using advanced materials.

He also serves as a scientific reviewer for numerous journals in the area of chemical engineering and nanotechnology, and is an editorial board member of Nature’s Scientific Report, the Journal of Environment and Biotechnology Research, Acta Materialia Turcica, and the Journal of Materials.

Associate Professor Mubarak’s strong research skills and vast experience in teaching have inspired many students at Curtin Malaysia to pursue postgraduate studies and careers in research. His teaching strengths lie in his vast knowledge of subjects, his eagerness to provoke interest in the subjects and help students understand the subject matter clearly, as well as his friendly personality, which makes teaching and learning more enjoyable.

He has also guided junior research staff in their research activates and motivated them to publish in high-impact scientific journals. He has himself published more than 160 journal papers and 25 conference proceedings, and authored 25 book chapters on related topics. He has also filed nine Malaysian patents and published one book with five more in progress.

Associate Professor Mubarak has received an external research grant from the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) under its Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS) as Co-Principal Investigator (Co-PI) for several projects.

He has initiated research collaborations with several national and international universities such as Sunway University, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Xiamen University Malaysia, University of Malaya, Universiti Teknologi Brunei, King Abdulaziz University, Dawood University of Engineering and Technology Karachi and RMIT University.

He has also attended numerous international conferences and has been invited to be a key speaker at a number of national and international conferences.

In addition, Associate Professor Mubarak is a Fellow Member of The Institution of Engineers Australia, a Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng) of The Institution of Engineers Australia, and a Chartered Chemical Engineer of the Institute of Chemical Engineering (IChemE) UK.

Topping his achievements are the numerous awards he has received for his research, including the Curtin Malaysia Most Productive Researcher Award, Outstanding Faculty of Chemical Engineering Award, Best Scientific Research Award London, and Outstanding Scientist in Publication and Citation awarded by i-Proclaim Malaysia.

He also has the distinction of being listed in the top two per cent of the world’s most influential scientists in the area of chemical and energy. The List of the Top 2% Scientists in the World compiled and published by Stanford University is based on their international scientific publications, number of scientific citations for research, and participation in the review and editing of scientific research.

Accomplished award-winning Curtin Malaysia researcher, Associate Professor Mubarak Mujawar


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