Curtin Malaysia staff and students learn about intellectual property and copyrights

Miri – 4 September 2019 – Staff and students of Curtin University Malaysia (Curtin Malaysia) learned the importance of respecting the intellectual property and copyrights of others at a one-day ‘Intellectual Property and Copyright’ seminar held its campus recently.

The seminar was organised by the university’s Library & Learning Commons department and conducted by Director of the Copyright Division of Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO), Rashidah Ridha Sheikh Khalid.

In addition to her position at MyIPO, Rashidah is a lawyer specialising in intellectual property and copyright with 20 years’ experience in the field. She is currently going on a nationwide tour, speaking at seminars about the importance of intellectual property and copyrights and relevant laws in Malaysia governing them.

During the seminar, the staff and students learned how to use copyrighted materials in the correct manner and what they can do to avoid infringing upon somebody else’s copyrights. They were also briefed on applying for patents and the protection accorded to a person’s work through the filing of a patent.

One of the participants described the seminar as a real eye-opener, shedding light on many misconceptions about related laws and how they are enforced in Malaysia.

Rashidah commended Curtin Malaysia for having sound policies regarding the protection of the intellectual property and copyrights of the Curtin University and others. She also said copyrights could be a potential source of income for the university through the licensing of its intellectual properties.

“Curtin Malaysia can spearhead the promotion of the importance of intellectual property and copyrights. It is just a matter of educating staff and students of the importance of upholding these rights,” Rashidah remarked.

Rashidah conducting the seminar at the Curtin Malaysia.


Rashidah (centre) posing for a group photo with staff and students who attended the seminar.

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