For a quality Australian education close to home, look to Curtin Sarawak

Miri – 19 January 2011 – Students can experience more at Curtin Sarawak and graduate with a high-quality Australian education and a most fulfilling learning experience. They will find its campus offers the best possible facilities one would expect from Curtin’s first international branch campus located in Sarawak, Malaysia, a joint venture with the Sarawak State Government.

They can choose from an extensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses and customise them to suit their needs, gain valuable work experience interacting with local and international industry professionals, learn from lecturers with real industry experience, and indulge in a unique international and cross-cultural learning environment studying with students from over 40 different countries.

In addition to its location in a modern, scenic city that is safe and most conducive for tertiary studies, Curtin Sarawak offers a vibrant campus lifestyle with a mix of academic support services and exciting social events. They include The Learning Centre, Library, computing facilities, counselling service, choice of food and beverage outlets, health services, public transport, banking facilities, shops, secure student housing, as well as a modern multi-purpose health, recreation and events centre.

The university offers an attractive option for international students due to the relatively lower cost of studying and living in Miri compared to the costs incurred if one were to undergo tertiary studies in Australia. This has led many parents and students in the region to consider Curtin Sarawak, which offers a world-class education just a stone’s throw from what is near and dear. Travelling home will not bust students’ budgets and having family visit now and then can be a norm rather than an exception. There are hardly any cultural differences to speak of, so students settle in quickly to their new learning environment. Moreover, the exchange rate is lower in comparison to Western countries, so students need not sacrifice much in terms of quality of life.

Curtin Sarawak’s status as a branch campus of Curtin University is quite unlike other offshore campuses and tertiary colleges in the region which offer twinning programmes with foreign universities. All aspects of its programmes, including course materials and examinations, are identical to those offered by Curtin in Australia, and all degrees are awarded directly by Curtin.

Curtin Sarawak is renowned for its links with industry and business, and for the practical and applied nature of its courses, which are identical to those offered at Curtin’s main campus in Perth, Western Australia. Its courses are also endorsed by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) and professional bodies, ensuring wide recognition.

The university is one of eight granted self-accreditation status by the MQA and achieved a Tier 5 or ‘Excellent’ rating in its SETARA rating of institutions of higher learning, which placed Curtin Sarawak among the top 18 universities in Malaysia.

To best meet student and industry needs, Curtin Sarawak applies Curtin’s ‘triple-i’ model, which ensures industry links, intercultural and indigenous awareness and interdisciplinary study are embedded into each course curriculum. As a result, students receive a diverse, challenging and rewarding education grounded in the real world, and are job-ready when they graduate.

Curtin Sarawak offers an exciting range of double major combinations from its Bachelor of Commerce programme. They provide a stronger and more applicable education experience, allow students to choose courses to suit their needs, and offer more opportunities to gain practical industry experience. What’s more, they can complete the requirements for two degrees in less time than it would take to complete two degrees sequentially and they may consider completing one major at Curtin Sarawak and the other at the main campus.

Furthermore, the introduction of common first year pre-majors for all undergraduate programmes gives students the option of completing their pre-majors at Curtin Sarawak at a fraction of the fees for equivalent courses in Australia before embarking on their majors at the main campus. This translates into significant savings in their first year, as well as a wider choice of up to 40 majors. Students can also choose to transfer at any time during the course of their studies.

Academicians at Curtin Sarawak prepare students to live and work within a global environment by ensuring the academic skills and practical experience the students accumulate are informed by the latest research and partnership with industry, government and the community. Coming from some 15 countries around the world, with a high number holding doctorates in their fields, they enable Curtin Sarawak to adopt a truly global focus.

Curtin Sarawak aims to produce graduates of the highest calibre by encouraging student learning and development beyond the classroom and putting together distinctive programmes to develop talented and promising students for a variety of leadership roles. Students maximise their potential for career excellence or academic distinction as student ambassadors of the John Curtin Leadership Academy, engage with the local community through the Curtin Volunteers!, develop peer mentoring skills or gain practical experience in the workplace. There are clubs, societies, sport and social events to suit everyone and create a university experience well beyond their studies.

Further information on Curtin Sarawak can be obtained from its website at Alternatively, one can contact its Student Recruitment Department at 085-443939 or via e-mail to for more details.

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