Industry experts inspire Curtin Malaysia engineering students at civil engineering research conference

Miri – 5 August 2019 – Two industry speakers, Ir. Zulkipli Henry from Sarawak Shell Berhad and Ir. Peter Ting Kang Ngii from Pekerjaan Piasa Konkerit, inspired 40 final-year civil and construction engineering and environmental engineering students and 15 academic staff of Curtin University Malaysia (Curtin Malaysia) with their talks at the Civil Engineering Research Conference 2019 Semester 1 (CERC 2019S1) held at the university recently.

Ir. Zulkipli is a member of the industry advisory panel for the Department of Civil and Construction Engineering of the university’s Faculty of Engineering and Science while Ir. Ting is a Curtin alumnus.

The conference, organised jointly by the Department of Civil and Construction Engineering and the university’s Curtin Highway Infrastructure Research and Innovation Hub, was aimed at providing a platform for the students to learn from and engage with industry experts and present their final-year projects.

Ir. Zulkipli spoke about fixed offshore structures, especially the importance of loading in the design of offshore structures. Cautioning the students that even a minor error in design could result in dire consequences, he said, “When you are in school, getting 90 per cent correct answers is considered an A grade, but in industry, achieving just 90 per cent accuracy can cause fatalities.”

Ir. Ting, meanwhile, talked about engineering applications in construction. He highlighted some of the challenges faced by engineers in carrying out construction projects in rural areas, and how good problem-solving skills can help resolve such issues.

The talks were followed by concurrent parallel sessions where the students presented their final-year projects before industry representatives comprising Sim Yih Seng and Alvin Liew Siew Vui from Hock Seng Lee Berhad, and Ir. Zulkipli. The sessions also saw extensive discussion between the students, academic staff and industry representatives.

Commending the students on the quality and relevance of their projects, Sim remarked that by linking their projects to real industry practices, they are helping to solve engineering problems faced by industry.

Head of the Department of Civil and Construction Engineering Associate Professor Muhammad Ekhlasur Rahman added that it is important to extend teaching beyond the classroom to give students a well-rounded education and broaden their perspectives. He said the talks by Ir. Zulkipli and Ir. Ting were very relevant to the students, who will apply the acquired knowledge in their future careers.

Civil and Construction Engineering Department staff and students with guest speakers.


Ir. Ting giving his talk on engineering applications.


Associate Professor Muhammad (left) presenting a memento to Ir. Zulkipli.


A student presenting his final-year project during one pf the parallel sessions.

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