Ministry of Industrial Development and Curtin Sarawak’s Bio-Park project underway

Miri – 14 December, 2009 – Site works for the much-anticipated first phase of the Miri Bio-Park at a 10-acre site at the Curtin Sarawak campus at Senadin here is underway.

Work on the state-of-the-art bio-technology park commenced last week and its first phase comprising a research and development (R&D) complex and support infrastructure is expected to be completed by mid-2011.

The park is being set up to facilitate biotechnological research for industrial applications such as bio-fuels and renewable energy production, bio-medicine, pharmaceuticals and food products, as well as environmental biotechnology such as bio-remediation, detoxification and de-nitrification.

Developed by the State Ministry of Industrial Development in partnership with Curtin University of Technology, the park will be the first of its kind in northern Sarawak and is expected to provide a significant boost to R&D, knowledge accumulation and industrial development in Sarawak. It will also contribute to the State Government’s vision of making Miri a reputable centre of learning and research in the area of biotechnology.

It will be managed by Curtin Sarawak, which will provide necessary expertise and a critical mass of researchers to conduct research projects funded by the Government, Curtin University and other fund-providers, as well as ensure that the outcomes from the biotechnological research activities at the park are relevant to the state’s needs.

The R&D complex will feature a two-storey building with an inner courtyard and a total floor area of about 4,900 square metres. It will house research laboratories on the ground floor and administrative and support offices on the first floor.

The Miri Bio-Park was first mooted by Chief Minister Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud who took a special interest in the project after reviewing an earlier concept for a technology park. A few locations in Sarawak were considered for the project, and Miri was eventually chosen given the presence of Curtin Sarawak and its proven track record in R&D.

Synergising the park with Curtin Sarawak and its parent campus in Perth, Western Australia, is considered a smart move as R&D requires readily available linkages and Curtin, a world-class university, can provide a ready pool of researchers and a wealth of knowledge. In time, linkages will be established between the park and industries for commercialisation and patenting of findings.

An official ground-breaking ceremony for the project is scheduled to be held early next year.

Site works in progress.


Conceptual image of R&D Complex.


Conceptual image of interior corridor.


Conceptual image of inner courtyard.


Conceptual image of a laboratory.


Conceptual image of lobby.

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