Students from Curtin’s main campus in Miri for study tour

Miri – 5 December 2019 – 24 students in various disciplines from the Faculty of Business and Law at Curtin University in Perth arrived in Miri on 23 November 2019 to commence a two-week study tour hosted by the Faculty of Business of Curtin University Malaysia (Curtin Malaysia).

Accompanying them on the ‘Miri Study Tour 2019: Business and Law International Experience’ are Hannah Wilkinson, Director of Student Engagement, and Student Experience Coordinator Becs Stafford.

The study tour is part of Curtin University’s international student mobility programme which offers students at its campuses in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai and Mauritius experiential-learning opportunities featuring providing insights into business operations and workplace culture, as well immersive cultural and skill-building programmes, in overseas locations with sister Curtin campuses or partner universities.

Their activities in Miri have included attending classes at the Curtin Malaysia campus; cultural immersion activities including a batik painting lesson on campus and bead necklace making demonstration at the Miri Heritage Centre, and an overnight stay in a longhouse; excursion to the Niah National Park; and industrial visits to Miri Port in Kuala Baram and the Miri Community Green Hub at Taman Yakin, Krokop.

At Miri Port approximately 26 kilometres from Miri City, the group was met by Miri Port Authority General Manager Serawa Budol and her staff and given a presentation on the port authority’s mission and vision and plans for future expansion. They were also taken on a tour of the port’s facilities, including its container storage, discharging, Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) installation and bunkering facilities.

Meanwhile, at the Miri Green Community Hub, the students learned about the Miri City Council’s green sustainability initiatives to turn Miri into a green city, which include the Miri Local Agenda 21 and Green City Sustainable Development programmes that encourage grassroots activities within the local community to promote sustainable development and a higher quality of life.

Following an excursion to the Niah Caves, where they visited the Trader’s Cave, Great Cave, Moon Cave and Painted Cave, the group made their way on foot to Rumah Patrick Libau, a longhouse community and homestay located about 3 kilometres from the Niah National Park headquarters, where they stayed overnight. There they were entertained with cultural dances, a Beranyai ceremony and ethnic cuisine.

Acting Dean of the Curtin Malaysia Faculty of Business, Dr. Stephen Sim, said “This is a great experience for the Perth students to embrace the local culture, and at the same time, explore the business aspects of this beautiful city,” said Dr. Sim.

For most of the students, experiencing Miri and Borneo was a real eye-opener and an experience they will remember for a long time to come.

“From eating things that I never knew could be eaten to walking through a rainforest and witnessing Mother Nature at her best, my experience in Miri has been one that I will carry in my heart and soul for a very long time,” said final-year human resources and management student Monique Holland.

Echoing Holland’s sentiments, marketing and advertising student Sidhee Boodia said, “Being on this Miri Study Tour, I am constantly able to witness how the world is truly a global village. The entire journey of exploring the local culture, living with the indigenous people and exploring the natural wonders of Sarawak is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I will not forget anytime soon. It is an experience that cannot be explained but rather felt.”

Final-year human resources and management student Cheyenne McMullen, meanwhile, remarked that it has been an absolute pleasure getting to know the hidden gems of Miri and Sarawak, and doing so with the most adventurous and passionate group of people.

“Our adventures have been limitless and our experiences have been breathtaking. Every element of this tucked-away region has been colourful, accommodating, beautiful and thrilling. The tour has provided the most wholesome experience of Miri we could have asked for, and it has truly been a wonderful and immersive experience,” she said.

Like the others, final-year international business and international relations student Marcus Sharp said Miri has been an experience he will remember forever.

“Visiting a rural longhouse was the most unforgettable moment of my life, and being invited by the village headman to his home for a barbecue was an absolute honour and privilege that I will cherish dearly,” said Sharp.

He added that was a humbling experience to see people who had so little, yet had an incredibly positive outlook on life.

“This is something that Australia as a whole can take from the people of Sarawak moving forward. I will have nothing but fantastic experiences to share with my friends and family at the conclusion of this trip,” he said.

Curtin is a global university known for its high impact research, strong industry partnerships and commitment to producing career-ready graduates who aspire to ‘make tomorrow better’. With campuses in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai and Mauritius, Curtin is a truly international university that celebrates diverse ideas, skills and cultures.

To enrich students’ learning experience, it offers various student mobility programmes, including Study Abroad and Student Exchange programmes, that give students the opportunity to experience other cultures and add a unique edge to their Curtin degrees.

They can choose to go on student exchange with one of the university’s many partner universities in more than 20 countries, explore short-term study programmes, or choose cross-campus study options with another Curtin campus. As academic programmes are the same across all Curtin campuses, and if their courses are available at a different location, they can move easily between campuses with no interruption to their studies.

The Perth students and staff on arrival at the Curtin Malaysia campus.The students learning the art of batik painting.

Posing for a group photo with Serawa Budol and Dr Sim (centre) and staff of Miri Port Authority.

With Miri City Council representatives at the Miri Green Community Centre.

The students at the Niah National Park before heading to the caves.

Enjoying the longhouse experience at Rumah Patrick Libau.

Human resources and management student Monique Holland.

Marketing and advertising student Sidhee Boodia.

Human resources and management student Cheyenne McMullen.

International business and international relations student Marcus Sharp.

Student Sidhee Boodia in Iban costume at Rumah Patrick Libau.

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