Curtin Malaysia business academics keen to achieve teaching excellence

Miri – 20 December 2017 – The Faculty of Business of Curtin University, Malaysia (Curtin Malaysia) held a ‘Teaching Excellence: The Way Forward’ learning and teaching workshop for its academic staff recently.

The two-hour workshop, conducted by Dean of Learning and Teaching Professor Tang Siew Fun, addressed what constitutes teaching excellence and methods to advance teaching for learning excellence. The importance of student-centred learning was also discussed.

“To transform learning is to inspire learning. Everyone needs to work together to achieve teaching excellence,” remarked Professor Tang.

“The commitment to great teaching is made by lecturers as individuals but the culture that sustains that commitment is collective and institutional,” she added.

Many of the participants found the workshop both informative and thought provoking and are keen to participate in the second part of the workshop in February.

Foundation Studies lecturer Siti Kasmah Mohd. Kassim said the topics discussed in the workshop were very relevant to the academic staff and spurred them to reflect on and enhance their daily teaching practices.

She said the workshop was delivered in a relaxed and friendly style which made the participants feel comfortable and open in their discussions.


Professor Tang facilitating the workshop.

One of the groups of participants in discussion.

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