Addition of Web Media stream makes Curtin Bachelor of Communications more cutting-edge

Miri – 24 March 2020 – The Curtin Bachelor of Communications offered at Curtin University Malaysia (Curtin Malaysia) has been further strengthened with the addition of a Web Media stream to the existing Corporate Screen Production, Journalism, Marketing and Public Relations streams.

With the new stream, added to meet market demand and ensure the Bachelor of Communications (formerly known as the Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication) remains industry-relevant and cutting-edge, students can prepare for careers in the expanding field of web-based media and communications, from website creation to online community management.

The broad-based Bachelor of Communications degree, one of the most popular courses at Curtin Malaysia, gives students training for traditional media and communication roles, but also prepares them for emerging job roles that may not yet exist in these fields.

The course covers a range of subjects in media, design and business, giving students foundational knowledge in media and corporate communications, and the scope to specialise in two fields of their choice.

During the course, they will develop their critical thinking and practical skills, using commercial-level equipment to produce work for print, radio, film, television and online media. They will also build an extensive portfolio of work and have opportunities to connect with industry professionals, so they can graduate ready for a range of positions in the communications industry.

In their first year, they will be introduced to the different spokes of communications and study optional units that reflect or refine their learning in specific communication areas. In their second and third years, they will choose two streams in which to specialise: one media stream and one design or business stream, or two media streams.

For example, they can take a combination comprising Corporate Screen Production and a choice between Journalism, Web Media, Public Relations or Marketing, or Journalism combined with Web Media, Public Relations or Marketing.

For those taking Web Media, taking Corporate Screen Production as well will enable them to become multi-skilled web content producers; or when combined with journalism, they can be cross-platform writers and reporters. Generally, they can look forward to careers as social media specialists and advisors, web designers and developers, and digital media writers, editors or copywriters.

The Web Media stream emphasises social media and networking, and units combine practical components with core concepts to give students the necessary understanding and skills they need in the online environment. Students will learn critical theories relating to media-based communications in corporate applications and apply them to a range of roles and functions.

They will also learn to apply critical thinking and creative approaches to resolve issues and meet challenges in their own professional and creative practice, as well as access, evaluate and synthesise appropriate information in order to realise media-based communication objectives.

In addition, they will learn to communicate ideas to a range of audiences by developing and applying media-based strategies, utilise media production technologies and apply them to create effective media-based materials; adapt to continually changing industry and corporate needs, and recognise the significance of global media to business and be able to apply international standards and practices in their creative practice.

The Corporate Screen Production stream, meanwhile, teaches concepts and skills for client-based screen production such as advertising and promotion, corporate communications, informational and educational media, while the Journalism stream covers journalism theory and practice through print, broadcast and online media, and provides students with the opportunity to publish on a variety of media platforms including online, radio and on television.

In the Marketing stream, students learn and apply marketing principles within specialised areas, including international marketing, marketing research, services marketing, consumer behaviour, retail marketing and internet marketing. Those taking the Public Relations stream will develop an understanding of the fundamentals of professional public relations practice, equipping themselves with skills and knowledge in the principles, techniques and specific issues of contemporary public relations.

Curtin University’s Malaysia campus holds the distinction of being the university’s largest international campus and global hub in Asia. As such, it is helping Curtin establish itself as a truly world-class education provider and expand its global footprint that now spans the Indian Ocean rim, including Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Mauritius and Dubai.

The courses offered at Curtin Malaysia are identical to those at other Curtin campuses and the degrees earned by students at the Malaysia campus are awarded directly by the main campus. In line with its vision to enrich and innovate, Curtin Malaysia continues to offer a new course offerings to meet current trends and demand.

Enrolment for Curtin Malaysia’s July/August (Semester 2) intake is now open.

New Web Media stream enables students can prepare for careers in the expanding field of web-based media and communications.

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