Curtin Malaysia introduces Bachelor of Science in Psychological Science and Health, Safety & Environment

Miri – 25 March 2020 – As Curtin University’s largest international campus and global hub in Asia, Curtin University Malaysia (Curtin Malaysia) is helping Curtin establish itself as a truly world-class education provider and expand its global footprint by integrating itself with the main campus in Perth and other Curtin international campuses in Dubai, Singapore and Mauritius, as well as offering high-tech learning spaces and a learning environment that transforms student lives.

All courses offered at Curtin Malaysia are identical to those at other Curtin campuses and the degrees earned by students here are awarded directly by the main. The difference is its unique location in Borneo and perhaps the fact that it is a lot more cost-effective as students pay tuition fees in Malaysian ringgit.

Also, in line with its vision to enrich and innovate, Curtin Malaysia continues to offer new courses to meet current trends and demand. Covering concepts and subjects relevant to the new millennium, students who pursue these comprehensive, contemporary courses are destined to be leaders in their respective fields.

Among the latest courses are the Bachelor of Science in Psychological Science and Bachelor of Science in Health, Safety and Environment.

The Bachelor of Science in Psychological Science, a three-year general applied psychology course, is ideal for those who are fascinated by how and why people behave and think as they do and would like to develop the skills and knowledge to allow them to have a positive impact on society.

Students of the course will learn about perception, cognition, emotion, personality, behaviour, and interpersonal relationships and how psychologists examine, explain and predict what people do as individuals and in groups. They will examine the feelings that humans experience, what motivates them, and how they interact with others.

The course emphasises the application of knowledge to problems arising in professional practice and provides an understanding of the theoretical framework within which various approaches and techniques have been developed. Experimental design relevant to applied research is an important part of the course.

It also provides a strong foundation for more advanced studies either in the fields of psychology or business.

The course is recognised by the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).

Graduates of the course can look forward to wide range of roles, including as academic,  human behavioural, counselling, educational, criminal, forensic, sports, community, consumer, industrial-organisational and clinical psychologists; clinical neuropsychologists, healthcare psychological therapists and human resources occupational psychologists.

The Bachelor of Science in Health, Safety & Environment, meanwhile, specialises in identifying and managing workplace risks to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. It prepares students for diverse careers in the expanding area of occupational health and safety.

Students will learn how to create, maintain and manage a safe and healthy workplace, and also develop professional skills in critical thinking, information literacy and technology.

Their first year will be inter-professional and taken with other health sciences students. In their second and third years, they will learn how to identify and manage risks and hazards, participate effectively in decision-making processes, and improve health and safety to prevent injuries and illness in the workplace.

The course is recognised by the Australian Occupational Health and Safety Education Accreditation Board (Safety Institute of Australia) and the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (UK), as well as the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).

Career prospects for graduates include roles such as environmental health and safety specialists, corporate health and safety directors, food safety Inspectors, health and safety engineers and OSHA Inspectors.

BSc in Psychological Science a general applied psychology course ideal for those fascinated by how and why people behave and think.

BSc in Health, Safety & Environment specialises in identifying and managing workplace risks.

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