Curtin Malaysia to host SSTP-RTECT 2020 online conference

Miri – 19 June 2020 – Curtin University Malaysia (Curtin Malaysia) will be hosting a week-long Cisco WebEx-based ‘Short-term Staff Training Programme on Recent Trends in Energy Conversion Technologies’ (SSTP-RTECT 2020) online international conference from 13 to 19 July 2020.

Organised in collaboration with the Institition of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM) Miri Branch, the conference sessions will be delivered remotely by international experts from academia and industry engaged in different aspects of energy technologies, such as solar energy, bioenergy, wind energy, hydro energy, CO2 capture, energy storage, energy efficient buildings, energy simulation and modelling, and more.

Curtin Malaysia’s Pro Vice-Chancellor, Professor Simon Leunig, who is chief patron of SSTP-RTECT 2020, commented that rapid techno-industrial growth globally and society’s changing lifestyles resulting in greater energy usage, as well as the continued depletion of natural resources and high carbon emissions, has led to a need for new approaches to meeting the ever-growing demand for energy.

“Now more than ever, experts and researchers in academia and industry need to come together to deliberate at conferences like this, share ideas, and work towards creating more reliable, efficient and sustainable energy technologies,” said Professor Leunig.

Meanwhile, conference convenor Dr. Sukanta Roy, who heads the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Curtin Malaysia’s Faculty of Engineering and Science, remarked that it is in this context that SSTP-RTECT 2020 is being organised – to provide a platform for sharing and deliberating recent trends in different energy technologies and industries. He said academics and researchers at universities and colleges across the world, as well as engineers from industries, are expected to join.

The programme will comprise 20 one-and-a-half hour online sessions covering a wide range of subjects related to new energy technologies delivered by expert speakers from institutions in Malaysia, Australia, Japan, India, Thailand and Singapore.

Kicking off the programme on Day 1 (13 July) will be opening speeches by Professor Leunig; Dean of Curtin Malaysia’s Faculty of Engineering and Science, Professor Tuong-Thuy Vu; and Dr. Sukanta. This will be followed by the first three sessions delivered by Dr. Suvash Saha of University of Technology Sydney (“Modelling of Thermal Energy Storage using Phase Change Material (PCM)”), Dr. Aziz Muhammed from The University of Tokyo (“Carbon-free Secondary Energy Sources in the Future Energy Systems”) and Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee’s Dr. Sunil K. Singal (“Resources Assessment and Investigations for Hydro Power”).

Day 2 will see three more sessions by Dr. Mohd Zamri Ibrahim of Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (“Wind Energy Research in Malaysia”), Dr. Dibakar Rakshit of Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (“Recent Advances in Energy Efficient Buildings”) and Dr. Wahidul K. Biswas of Curtin University (“Life Cycle and Sustainability of Renewable Energy Systems”).

Subsequent sessions over the next couple of days will be delivered by Dr. P. Abdul Salam of Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand (“Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage for Sustainable Development and Climate Change Mitigation”), Dr. Md. Hasanuzaman of University of Malaya (“Global Advancement of Solar Thermal Energy Technologies, Future Prospects and Challenges”), Dr. Atul Dhar of Indian Institute of Technology Mandi (“Waste Heat Recovery Options for Transportation Sector”), Dr. Bridgid Chin of Curtin Malaysia (“Recent Advances in Thermochemical Conversion of Biomass”), Dr. Devendra Deshmukh of Indian Institute of Technology Indore (“Advances and Challenges in IC Engine and Petroleum Fuel”) and Dr. Sumedha Rajakaruna of Curtin University (“Low-cost Hydro Power Development using Induction Generators”).

Continuing the sessions on Day 5 (17 July) will be Dr. R.P. Saini of Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (“Technology for Hydro Power Development”), Dr. Agus Saptoro of Curtin Malaysia (“Energy Efficient Process Modifications of CO2 Capture Systems”) and Dr. Lee Jun Yi of CADFEM SEA Pte. Ltd., Singapore (“Simulation Solutions for Energy Conversion and Energy-efficient Buildings”).

Day 6 (18 July), meanwhile, will see sessions by Dr. Aja Ogboo Chikere of Curtin Malaysia (“Historic and Recent Progress in Solar Chimney Power Plant Enhancing Technologies”), Dr. Sudipto Mukhopadhyay of Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur (“Modeling of Combustion and Emissions in Gas Turbines”) and Dr. Raoof Gholami of Curtin Malaysia (“Characterisation of CO2 Storage Sites for a Safe Implementation of Carbon Capture and Storage Technology”).

Capping off the final day will be sessions by Curtin Malaysia’s Dr. Jibrail Kansedo (“Recent Trends in Palm Oil-based Bio-diesel”) and Dr. Sukanta Roy (“Application of Vertical Axis Wind Turbines for Alternative Energy Generation”), followed by a closing ceremony with closing remarks by Curtin Malaysia’s Dean of Research and Development, Professor Ramasamy Nagarajan.

Those interested to participate in SSTP-RTECT 2020 can register online for a modest registration fee of USD14 (RM60) at  from 25 June to 10 July 2020. Curtin academics and researchers are entitled to participate for free, while IEM members will be afforded a 20 percent discount. For more information, contact Dr. Sukanta at

To ensure the integrity of the programme, structured assessments comprising five multiple choice type questions will be available after each session and all registered participants will be required to complete the assessments to successfully complete the sessions.

All participants and speakers will receive e-certificates at the end of the conference. The programme proceedings and book of abstracts will also be available free of charge to all registered participants.

Curtin Malaysia to host online international conference focused on energy technologies.

SSTP-RTECT 2020 from 13 to 19 July 2020.

Conference convenor Dr Sukanta Roy.