Postgraduate courses at Curtin Malaysia designed to meet market demand

In today’s competitive workplace, in-depth knowledge and mastery of advanced skills are vital in earning a promotion or staying ahead in one’s career. Studies have shown a clear association between level of education and employment, and with job roles becoming more complex in all fields, higher levels of training and skill are required to gain a competitive edge when it comes to career advancement or finding a new job.

As ambitious working adults in Malaysia are increasingly seeking to further empower themselves by going back to university and enrolling in postgraduate courses, particularly with the upheaval in the job market brought on by the global pandemic, Curtin University Malaysia (Curtin Malaysia) ensures its postgraduate offerings are consistently in line with market demands.

Current coursework offerings include a graduate certificate and graduate diploma leading to the Master of Science in Project Management, and the Master of Policy Sciences.

The Master of Science in Project Management, meanwhile, provides the opportunity to gain the understanding, knowledge and skills necessary for performing the role of project manager. The course adopts a generic approach to project management and is applicable to any project in a variety of industries such as construction, engineering, education, health, commerce, information technology, research and development.

The Master of Policy Sciences is designed for the local public sectors, with localised content coupled with international perspectives. It helps students acquire a foundation in the core areas of policy analysis and management in the public sector, and develop a framework which emphasises policy formulation, implementation and evaluation within the public sector.

Both courses are available in both on-campus and online study mode.

Due to be introduced early next year are a graduate certificate and graduate diploma in Public Health and a Master of Public Health. This is to meet growing demand for such courses, particularly from health professionals seeking to develop their skills and knowledge in public health, while continuing to work.

The Graduate Certificate in Public Health prepares students for contemporary public health practice, addressing traditional and emerging public health issues. The multidisciplinary course teaches a range of practical skills to support public health action across educational, organisational, socio-economic, environmental and political domains to improve population health.

The Graduate Diploma in Public Health builds upon the curriculum of the Graduate Diploma in Public Health, allowing students to undertake advanced coursework in public health at is specifically designed to broaden their knowledge, competence and skills, It is possible to exit this course with a Graduate Certificate in Public Health or a Graduate Certificate in Health Promotion once you have completed certain units.

Meanwhile, the Master of Public Health teaches students a range of conceptual knowledge and practical skills to support public health action across a wide range of domains and helps them gain thorough grounding in the major areas of public health with content scaffolded across the course to enhance their learning. In their second year, they will have the opportunity to carry out research with an academic supervisor or enhance their practice and leadership skills.

Course content is aligned to the competencies from the Council of Academic Public Health Institutions Australasia, exploring health monitoring and surveillance; disease prevention and control; health promotion; health protection; health policy, planning and management; and evidence-informed professional population health practice.

Curtin’s Master of Public Health students come from a variety of fields, including medicine and allied health, biomedical and laboratory-based sciences, nutrition, occupational and environmental health, health promotion, social sciences, education, communications, business and management.

“A postgraduate course deepens knowledge and perspective while expanding an individual’s options for advancement. Employers also seek to hire the best, especially for mid-level and senior roles, so demand is shifting to candidates who bring to the table postgraduate qualifications and working experience,” commented Curtin Malaysia’s Pro Vice-chancellor, President and Chief Executive Professor Simon Leunig.

“Aside from the paper qualification, a working adult who has shown the initiative to return to school demonstrates that he has discipline, creativity and is well-organised. These are qualities any employer desires.”

Professor Leunig added that as so many companies are operating across international boundaries these days, employers worldwide are placing increasing value on graduates with international outlook or experience when assessing graduate job applications, and thus, Curtin’s postgraduate qualifications are most appropriate.

In addition to coursework degrees, Curtin Malaysia offers postgraduate qualifications by research. Research-based degrees include the Master of Philosophy (also known as the Master by Research) in fields such as accounting, economics, finance, management, engineering, geology, and media, culture and creative arts. Doctoral degrees (PhDs) are awarded in the fields of engineering, science and business. Candidates may enrol in a master’s or doctoral programme either full-time or part-time.

 As the largest of Curtin University’s international campuses and its global hub in Asia, Curtin Malaysia shares the strong commitment of its Australian parent to globalisation and international engagement. Of the more than 4,000 students studying at the campus, close to a quarter come from countries other than Malaysia, hailing from over 50 countries worldwide and making it a truly international student community. This cultural diversity adds a rich and valuable dimension to its campus atmosphere, preparing all graduates to live and work effectively in an increasingly global environment.

New Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Master in Public Health to be introduced in 2021.