Pursue a Curtin research degree and be a specialist in your field

A higher degree by research (HDR) from Curtin University will enable you to pursue a specialist area in your field, build knowledge in your profession and contribute to important research for industry and community.

HDR programmes at Curtin University Malaysia (Curtin Malaysia), Curtin University’s largest international campus located in Sarawak and coordinated through its Curtin Malaysia Graduate School, lead to world-recognised and widely respected Curtin Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) qualifications.

MPhil programmes at Curtin Malaysia include MPhils in electrical and computer engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering and applied geology at its Faculty of Engineering and Science; accounting, economics and finance, management, and marketing at its Faculty of Business; and media, culture and creative arts at its Faculty of Humanities.

In addition to the MPhil programmes, there are the PhD programmes focused on engineering and science, business and humanities.

MPhil programmes at Curtin Malaysia normally require one to two years of supervised individual research study, and the successful completion of the MPhil indicates the candidate has contributed significantly to the field of study and is capable of carrying out independent research.

PhD programmes, meanwhile, usually take at least three years of research study and candidates are expected to uncover new knowledge through the discovery of new facts, the formulation of new theories, or innovative interpretation of known data and established ideas. It is also expected that the results from a doctoral research study are publishable in reputable academic journals.

HDR students at Curtin Malaysia are supervised by in-campus experts and co- and associate supervisors from Curtin’s main campus in Perth, Australia other institutions worldwide, as well as from industry.

To be aligned with the current technological trends and contribute to the provision of skilled human capital for South East Asia and beyond, Curtin Malaysia is now focusing on the following research areas: Digital Innovation; Marketing, Tourism and Rural Entrepreneurship; Green Technology and Renewable Energy; Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering; and Aquaculture Technology and Economics.

Any HDR projects in these research foci or any other relevant areas, including multidisciplinary research, are welcome.

Research at Curtin Malaysia is facilitated and supported by facilities at the Sarawak state government owned and Curtin Malaysia operated Sarawak Biovalley Pilot Plant Facility at the campus, Curtin Trading Room for stock market simulations, the soon-to-be-completed Engineering Research Laboratory, and the Digital Centre of Excellence under development.

Study support for research students is provided through full or partial fee waivers or Curtin Malaysia Postgraduate Research Scholarships (CMPRS). CMPRS are offered in three different schemes: CMPRS PhD High Impact Research Scholarships, CMPRS PhD Merit Scholarships, and CMPRS Partial PhD/MPhil Tuition Fee Scholarships.

Curtin Malaysia also offers collaborative PhD programmes with the partner institutions where student mobility and joint supervision are enabled.

MPhil and PhD programmes and scholarships are available for eligible graduate research candidates at Curtin Malaysia.

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