Curtin Sarawak Campus Installs TMNet Wireless Hotspot

MIRI, 30 November 2005 – In response to the increasing demands for internet access and recognising the importance of the benefits derived with quick access to information, Curtin University of Technology Sarawak Curtin Sarawak) today launched TMNet Wireless Hotspot at its campus in Miri.

Held and located at the Miri campus cafeteria, Mr Philip Musa, IT Manager, Curtin Sarawak said, “This facility will provide students and staff at Curtin Sarawak flexibility, easy and unrestricted access to the Internet. This will also certainly open a spigot of information for students which in turn, opens doors to knowledge bases, blogs, hobby sites and the vast cyber-labyrinths of trade and other organisations”.

Ms Linda Tupang, Assistant Sales Manager, TM Net Sdn Bhd said, “TMNet HotSpot is a broadband wireless Internet access where mobile wireless LAN users can access the Internet with wireless access up to 512Kbps – 2 Mbps at selected HotSpot areas. There are two ways for Curtin Sarawak students to enjoy the service and they can register at any TM Point or TMNet Office at RM10 for TMNet Streamyx and RM15 for TMNet 1515/1525 for each login ID. As for non-Streamyx customers, they can enjoy the service by purchasing cards or TMNet Prepaid ONE at TM Point, TMNet regional office or at any of the TMNet authorised resellers.”

“With the ever increasing demands and requests by students and bearing in mind that students spend a considerable proportion of their time in the campus, this new facility will foster a sense of belonging, active and welcoming environment in the campus. This will ultimately enhance the development of student’s networks and generate a wealth of resources where students will be stimulated further to achieve their full potential,” Mr Philip Musa said.

The project to install TMNet Wireless Hotspot was initiated in early June 2005 to provide an alternative site to students and staff of Curtin Sarawak accessibility to the internet to be used during their leisure hours at the campus. The initial stage of the installation is identified at the cafeteria with a possibility of further expansion dependant on its usage to other sites in Curtin Sarawak campus grounds.

Present at the launching ceremony were Ms Linda Tupang, Assistant Sales Manager and Mr Rodney Christopher, Technical Assistant of TMNet Sdn Bhd, Miri and other senior management staff from Curtin Sarawak.

Curtin Sarawak, a world-class facility campus in a garden is the only CISCO Networking University in Miri and Brunei. (Source: CISCO Network Academy website, ). It is architecturally designed and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities incorporating sophisticated superior information technology linkages with easy access to the resources of Curtin, Western Australia.



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