Curtin Sarawak offers Public Relations Major in 2006

MIRI, 19 December 2005 – Curtin University of Technology Sarawak (Curtin Sarawak) in its determination and commitment towards being a world-class university is introducing a new course, Public Relations major for the 2006 academic year.

Associate Professor Dr. Abu Hassan Md Isa, Director, School of Business, Curtin Sarawak said, “Today there is great demand from government and private sectors for qualified Public Relations executives now and in the future to assist in the management and as well as marketing functions. As such, Curtin Sarawak is determined and poised to produce highly qualified and skilled public relations personnel”.

“Curtin Sarawak will also be working closely with the Institute Public Relation of Malaysia (IPRM) to ensure that Curtin Sarawak graduates can obtain accreditation from the Institute,” he added.

What is Public Relations then? They are mainly activities that help promote a favorable relationship between an organization, be it a government or a business, and its customers and prospects. In another word they are efforts to establish and maintain an excellent organization image with the public. According to Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), the Public Relations functions may be in various forms such as public information, investor relations, public affairs, corporate communication, employee relations, marketing or product publicity, and customer services and customer relations.

The myriad management roles of Public Relations include building good corporate image, enhance good relations between companies and the media, consumers and the public, and create good communication channels between the management and the staff of the organisation.

In the areas of marketing, Public Relations function is to help increase sales of products and services and penetrating into a wider market segment by preparing media planning, create and maintain good brand names and entertain public complaints.

Dr Abu said, “In this program, students will be exposed to the principles of Public Relations, Public Relations Techniques, Public Relations for the media, Public Relations Consultancy, Professional practices in Public, International Public Relations and Corporate Public Relations. In addition, the students will be equipped with writing and communication skills, events management, handling the media, media planning and strategy, etiquettes and protocols and many other necessary knowledge and skills.”

In addition, students for this programme are also trained in the field of corporate video production, video and film editing because some companies have their in-house news production to inform their staff and the public with the latest development in their respective organisations.

Students interested in Curtin Sarawak’s Public Relations Degree have three programs to choose at Curtin University of Technology. They are Bachelor of Commerce (Public Relations and Marketing), Bachelor of Commerce (Public Relations and Management) and Bachelor of Arts (Public Relations).

On the entry requirements, applicants must meet the university’s minimum level of entry, that is, Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) with at least three best subjects excluding General Paper, or Diploma in relevant areas from any accredited institution.

The courses for the time being are only available on a full-time basis and students can complete their degrees in minimum of six semesters over three years. The fees payable for local students are RM15,400 per annum and for international students, it cost RM17,900 per annum,” he concluded.

Further details on the new Public Relations Major can be obtained from Ms Shamsul Kamariah at 085-4433841 o r email to

Curtin Sarawak’s next intake will be in February and July 2006 and recruitment sessions are currently ongoing throughout the region. Application for admission for Curtin Sarawak programs can also be made online at or tel +60 85443939.

Curtin Sarawak was established in February 1999 in partnership with the Sarawak Government, it is the first offshore campus of Curtin University of Technology, Western Australia and also the first foreign university campus to be set up in East Malaysia. In November 1999, Curtin Sarawak was awarded the Multimedia Super Corridor status.

With students drawn from various countries, Curtin Sarawak offers a unique international and cross-cultural learning experience and brings to the Asia Pacific region quality tertiary educational opportunities to acquire prestigious internationally acclaimed Curtin degrees.



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