Title Author
The Idea of the University: Philosophical or Economic? Dr Beena Giridharan
Network your brain: The Net beyond Facebook Rozaidah Saat
Karstification of the Subis limestone in Niah hills Dr Dominique Dodge-Wan
Reflections: Curtin Sarawak’s achievements in Electrical Power Engineering over the last three years Dr. Nader Nassif Barsoum
What does the future of computers technology hold in store? Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Singh and Akilan Thangrajah
Is Optimus Prime A.I.? Terence Tan
Is the world to witness another looming crisis? Charmele Ayadurai
Teaching philosophy and the student’s learning approach Dr Lew Tek Yew
Sewerage system monitoring based on Wireless Sensor Network Lue Ik Hong and Dr Wong Kiing Ing
Organisational misbehaviour: Should management intervene? Dr Lew Tek Yew and Glynis Gregory
Extent of Corporate Voluntary Disclosure: The nexus of research and teaching Dr. Pauline Ho
The influence of human resource management practices on employees’ attitudes and behaviour Dr. Lew Tek Yew
Curtin Sarawak geology students are now working underground! Dr Dominique Dodge-Wan
Integrity essential to maintaining high standards in education Cecilia Anthony Das
Management intervention in workplace romances Dr. Lew Tek Yew and Pranay Rai
Lead, manage and motivate others as a business development manager Charmele Ayadurai
Are your skills, knowledge and experience still relevant? A skills gap analysis can get you back on track. Cecilia Anthony Das
Rock paper scissors. Skills beat paper. Terence Tan
Helping students improve their English and academic standards Beena Giridharan
The wealth of online education Charmele Ayadurai
Documenting the exploits of our unsung heroes, the Sarawakian guerrillas of the ‘Z’ Special Unit, for perpetuity Terry Justin Dit
The future of democratic elections lie in Fault Tolerance Automatic Voting Machines (FTAVM) Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Singh, Akilan Thangarajah, King Seh Hong and Sing Ping