Title Author
The dawn of a new era: Introducing destination management organisations in Miri (Part 1) Prof. Andreas H. Zins
Current and future trends of wearable sensors in gait analysis Dr Han Yi Chiew
Fostering greater interest in STEM in local communities Associate Professor Bridgid Chin Lai Fui, Associate Professor Fidella Tiew and Associate Professor Ir. Lim Chye Ing
Projects by Curtin final-year geology students promote sustainability, address UN sustainable development goals Professor M.V. Prasanna
Embracing life’s ups and downs: A journey of growth and resilience Khin Than Myint and Quistina Omar
Miri’s path to rediscovery: Overcoming identity crises through inclusive branding Prof. Andreas H. Zins
Revolutionising sustainable hydrogen fuel as a green fuel for the aviation sector Associate Professor Bridgid Chin Lai Fui
Modern urban wastewater management to ensure a sustainable future for Miri City Dr. Henry Foo Chee Yew and Ir. Ts. Dr. Tan Inn Shi
Interpreting sport science data using 3D imaging and AI Professor Garenth Lim King Hann
Researching a sustainable solution for aquaculture industry Associate Professor John Lau Sie Yon
Exploring the Dark Web: An unseen world of hidden markets and networks Dr. Sivaraman Eswaran
Innovative thermal energy storage technology for enhanced energy storage Dr. Jundika Candra Kurnia 
Biodiesel: A sustainable renewable energy source Dr. Tan Yie Hua and Yat Yu Dong
Making concrete a sustainable building material Dr. Lee Yeong Huei