Title Author

Revisiting Vision 2020: Has the vision gone myopic?

Donovan Mujah

Country risk analysis

Zhing Siang Boon

The Ringgit is depreciating but should we lose trust in it?

Dr. Abey P. Philip

Developing business research studies at Curtin Sarawak

Yeo Tze Sheng

Education – A signal in the job market

Tanusree Chakravarty Mukherjee

This Global Handwashing Day, say NO to antiseptic soaps!

Dr. Merlin Franco

The multi-directional wheel robot

Jasher Tan

Teaching strategies and students’ learning approaches

Dr. Lew Tek Yew

Are we environmentally friendly??

Han Yi Chiew

Massive open online courses

Professor Francois Therin

What will you accomplish in five years at university?

Esther Ling

The influence of HSE management in Malaysia’s oil and gas industry

Kulvinder Kaur and Dr. Anbalagan Krishnan

Web spam and its counter measures

Alex Goh Kwang Leng and Associate Professor Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Singh

Planning a green city

Dr. Merlin Franco

The effect of truancy on future generations

Dr. Anbalagan Krishnan and Selvaraj Grapragasem

Play games to save the world

Terence Tan

Hornbills in Miri

Dr. Dominique Dodge-Wan

PISA, TIMSS and higher education: The missing link

Professor Dr. Francois Therin

A Lesson in Urban Ecology: The benefits of trees in urbanised areas

Dr. Lisa Marie King

Frameworks for the teaching and learning of second language students

David Lee

Smart Technology: Are we smarter than the environment?

Associate Professor Dr. Michael K. Danquah and Rozaidah Saat

Industrial biotechnology research at Curtin Sarawak

Associate Professor Dr. Michael K. Danquah

Job satisfaction and organisational commitment: Implications for the banking industry

Dr. Lew Tek Yew

The role of multi-agent systems in our lives

Billy Lau Pik Lik and Dr. Ashutosh Kumar Singh

The student as an individual ‘being’

Dr. Beena Giridharan