Consider tourism, event management

By Nazaruddin Haji Hamit

If you are wondering if tourism and event management and marketing is your cup of tea, ask yourself these questions: Am I enterprising, social and creative? Do I enjoy public speaking, teaching, or being an emcee? Do I plan recreational activities or enjoy hosting social functions? Am I able to put all types of people at ease in conversations and new settings? Do I thrive on being involved in a lot of activities, or changing plans at a moment’s notice?

If the answer is ‘yes’ to most of those questions, then you should consider tourism and event management and marketing as either a career or profitable pastime.

Tourism and Event Management as well as Marketing are a rapidly growing fields of study which offer a variety of career paths, and Curtin University of Technology, Sarawak Malaysia (Curtin Sarawak) has since last year been offering a double major degree course in Tourism & Event Management and Marketing to meet this trend.

Identical in every aspect to the Tourism & Event Management and Marketing double major course offered at Curtin University’s main campus in Perth, Western Australia, the Tourism & Event Management and Marketing course at Curtin Sarawak is offered as part of the university’s Bachelor of Commerce programme.

The course introduces students to the principles of management and their applications to the tourism and events sector. In addition, it provides graduates the relevant knowledge and skills to become effective managers in those sectors.

Students get to examine contemporary issues in international tourism and explore the sustainable management of tourism and events in both theory and practice, as well as learn about the wider impacts of tourism and events on the local and global economy.

By offering students the option of pursuing double majors, as in the case of the Tourism & Event Management and Marketing course, Curtin doubles your options of qualifications.

Double majors provide you a stronger and more applicable education experience, allow you to choose courses to suit your needs, and offer more opportunities to gain practical industry experience during your studies.

What’s more, you can complete the requirements for two degrees in less time than it would normally take to complete two degrees sequentially. You may even consider completing one major at Curtin Sarawak and the other at The Curtin Business School at our main campus in Perth, Western Australia.

Students also have the option of choosing from a range of elective units to support their career paths.

Career opportunities abound for tourism and event management and marketing graduates, the industry being a multi-faceted and very diverse one. Graduates can choose from a myriad of career prospects and pathways, which include jobs in the travel trade, MICE (meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions); theme parks; transportation, particularly airlines and cruise lines; tourism retail services; training; education and research; tourism planning; tourism marketing, or entertainment.

A world of possibilities awaits you if you dare to take up the challenge. You have to make that first move once you have read this article. Come and join us at Curtin Sarawak. We look forward to having you on board and inspiring you to be what you aspire to become in the tourism and hospitality industry.

For more information on the Tourism & Event Management and Marketing course or double major combinations at Curtin, visit or contact the university’s Student Recruitment Department at +60 85 443 939.

Nazaruddin Haji Hamit is a Tourism Marketing and Management lecturer with the School of Business’ Department of Marketing and Management. Prior to joining Curtin Sarawak, Nazaruddin taught tourism and hospitality management at a public university for 12 years. He has also previously worked in the banking and hospitality industries before taking up the teaching vocation. Nazaruddin can be contacted at +60 85 443939 or by e-mail to