Title Author
Is email etiquette important among Generation Z? By Dr. Jong Ling
Metaverse and Education: A Leap in Technology or a Dystopian Future? By Dr. Anita Jimmie and Dr. Noraisikin Sabani
Nanobiotechnology Advances: Fusion of Enzymes and Nanotechnology By Associate Professor John Lau Sie Yon and Shamini Anboo
Social media and the fake news menace: Academics as a panacea to restore media credibility By Dr. Adamu Abbas Adamu
Progressing towards sustainability in renewable hydrogen production in Sarawak By Dr. Bridgid Chin Lai Fui
Collaborative fashion consumption: You don’t have to own high fashion to own it By Dr. Fayrene Chieng Yew Leh
FinTech: Reshaping the future of the financial industry By Dr. Ramez A. Badeeb
“Thanks Chatbox, but please don’t ask me to show my face online!” By Dr. Khan Taufique
Will lowering interest rates necessarily stimulate economic growth? By Tanusree Chakravarty Mukherjee
Can biochar be a sustainable solution for wastes in the agriculture sectors? By Dr. Tan Yie Hua
Strong support programmes at Curtin Malaysia enrich the student learning experience  By. Professor Beena Giridharan
Business Model and Industry 4.0 By Dr. Dhanuskodi Rengasamy
Are voice assistants going to disrupt hiring? By Dr. Malini Sathappan
Online learning as the way forward By Delon Chai
Strategic thinking in teaching and learning in higher education By Dr. Samuel Adeyinka-Ojo
Perceived Organisational Support: Why caring for employees is important for remote workers By Dr. Lew Tek Yew
Consumption, waste generation and recycling practices in Miri amid COVID-19 and the future By Smart World Sustainability (SWS) Curtin Malaysia